Back in June, Warner Brothers shut down production indefinitely, after just two days of filming. The crew and contestants were sent home, the island left deserted.

The halt came about because of the questionable relationship between two of the show’s cast members. 

Contestant Corinne arrives in Paradise.

Corinne Olympios was excited to be returning to Paradise, even though she wasn’t ready to settle down. She made a toast on her arrival, saying ”let’s just have a good time, not stress too much.”

DeMario Jackson was determined to make a fresh start, after being labelled as a villain on The Bachelorette. Before meeting the other contestants he said, “I want them to see a different side of me, see that I’m a good guy.”

Corinne and DeMario hit it off straightaway, joined at the hip from day one.

However, it was thought at the time that Demario’s intentions were less than gentlemanly. 

An internal investigation was launched, with Warner Brothers taking the “allegations of misconduct” very seriously.

The media in the USA picked up on the rumours, and blew things out of proportion. Speculations and exaggerated versions of the story dominated the headlines for days.

Both Corinne and DeMario sought legal representation. Corinne released a statement claiming that she’d been victimised, where DeMario thought the accusations were unfair and unfounded.  

The investigation confirmed that although a large amount of alcohol was consumed, there was nothing to suggest foul play. Their relations that night were, in fact, consensual. 

Corinne and Demario getting close, soon after their introduction.

It was announced soon after that production of the show would resume. However Corinne and DeMario are now noticeably absent from the cast.

The dynamic among the crew and contestants was different thereafter, though not necessarily in a negative way. The experience is said to have brought them closer together.

The scandal rocked the Bachelor nation though, affecting fans all over the world. 

Bachelor in Paradise host, Chris Harrison, on set.


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