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  • A quick rundown of the Season 4 contestants

    From all over the States, these singles have one thing in common, they want to find love. A new bunch of controversial Bachelor and Bachelorette characters are back for a second shot at love in Paradise.

    The stars, the fan favourites and the villains. There'll be hookups and heartbreaks, but hopefully happy endings too.  

    Alex – After some beef with other contestants on The Bachelorette, Alex just wants a fresh start.

    Alexis – The first to admit she’s a little crazy, Alexis showed up in paradise wearing a shark costume.

    Amanda – Amanda thought she’d found true love once before. It didn’t work out, so she’s back to give things another shot.

    Ben – Leaving his puppy behind was difficult for Ben, but he’s willing to do it for the sake of finding love.  

    Corinne – From the beginning, Corrine said she planned to “take charge.” She didn’t last long in Paradise this time though.

    Danielle - There’s only one thing Danielle wants, a partner to share her life with.

    Dean – The Bachelorette ended in heartbreak for Dean, but he’s ready to fall head over heels again.

    DeMario – From day one, Demario was surrounded by controversy. The girls weren’t sure whether to trust him, and a sex scandal saw him exit the game early.

    Derek – A bromance isn’t Derek’s priority, he’s ready to settle down and find love.  

    Diggy – Not one to put all his eggs in one basket, Diggy’s keen to chill and play the field a little.

    Iggy – Always down for a good time, Iggy’s excited to check out the talent in Paradise.

    Jack – A look from Jack makes the ladies melt, but can he find the one for him?

    Jasmine – With a similar look to The Bachelorette, Rachel, Jasmine thinks things will work in her favour.

    Kristina – A Russian orphan, Christina had a difficult upbringing. That doesn’t stop her from being positive and open-hearted though.

    Lacey – Making an impression is her forte, Lacey’s here to turn heads and find a boyfriend.

    Matt – A big fan of dress-ups, construction worker Matt knows how to attract attention.   

    Nick – He plays up the good boy image, but “Saint Nick” might show us his naughty side this season.

    Raven – The southerner with a heart of gold, Raven wants to walk out of Paradise with a ring on her finger.

    Robby – Known as a “real life Ken doll”, Robby’s charm and good looks can be a little intimidating. He’s ready to get out there and meet some ladies.

    Taylor – She may be terrified of putting herself out there again, but Taylor wants someone to share her life with.

    Vinny – Vinny's keen to forget his past heartbreaks, take advantage of Paradise and give it a good go.