Ever watched Bachelor in Paradise, and wondered where that magical heavenly place actually is? Same.

Great news. Television can be deceiving we know, but this location is REAL. No green screens, no cardboard backdrops, just a beautiful holiday spot on the coast of Mexico.

The latest season of Paradise was filmed at a resort named Playa Esconilda (playa means beach in Spanish, go figure).  It’s in a little Mexican tourist village called Sayulita, about 40km out of Puerto Vallarta.

Sayulita is known for its beautiful white sand beaches, and fascinating jungle wildlife.

Playa Esconilda is a four and a half star resort, offering the whole package. Gourmet food, spa services, yoga classes, trail riding and surfing lessons. You can even get married there! Dreamy.

Will you meet anyone famous?

Probably. Okay, obviously you can’t stay there when the show is actually in production, but you never know. Mexico is a hotspot for celebrities seeking luxurious getaways.  

Will you find the love of your life there?

That part is up to you.

How can you get there?

A bunch of different airlines offer flights to Mexico from Auckland International Airport. It’s roughly 24 hours in transit, usually with a stopover in Los Angeles.

What will it cost you?

Rooms at Playa Esconilda start at $320 (NZD) per night. Make it a private villa with an ocean view, and you’re looking at more like $600 per night. A small price to pay for a slice of paradise. *checks account balance*. Okay maybe not. We can dream.

(If you only watch Bachelor in Paradise for the drama, and couldn't care less about the location, no judgement from us.)

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