Baby Mama's Club

Baby Mama's Club

Before the baby mama's met, a rookie private investigator and a pair of clueless bouncers were tasked with finding their boss’ fraudulent lover Johnny. Made with the support of NZ on Air.

Baby Mama's Club
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • The Boy is Mine

    AO Sophia finds out she's pregnant and is lured to a nightclub by the owner, Shan. There she meets Kowhai and Malia; Johnny's unsuspecting baby mamas.

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      • Mo Money Mo Problems

      16L Johnny has taken off with Shan's $50k and she's forced to ask for help from her best friend and land lady Kat.

      • Men in Black

      MLS Shan hires Aaron, a rookie private investigator. After begging for their jobs back, Thump and Bear must join Aaron in tracking down Johnny.

      • Boombastic

      MLS Aaron, Thump and Bear discover the key that will lead them to Johnny - his three secret baby mamas. Their undercover mission begins when they follow Kowhai to a MILFS and DILFS dating event.

      • Crossroads

      MLS Shan decides whether to accept a criminal job to cover her rent. Aaron, Thump and Bear continue their mission, but things are made more difficult when Nana decides to tag along.

      • Up in Here

      16L Aaron, Thump and Bear infiltrate a uni law ball where they desperately try to locate Sophia. Things go from bad to worse when Thump sabotages the mission, causing the boys to break up.

      • The Next Episode

      MLS Season Finale: After a night of home truths, Thump is faced with the fallout of his actions. In order to save Shan's club, he must first make things right with Kat.