Avi Duckor-Jones

Avi is back! In his new web series Avi's Return To Ghana, he ventures back to Africa to find all of the 19 students he taught there in 2014.

New episodes are available Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm!

Need something to watch while you're waiting for that next ep?

Here are Avi's top picks:

1. Anika Moa Unleashed: I was lucky enough to preview the first episode of Anika Moa Unleashed featuring Paula Bennett and I was CRYING. Anika does such a fantastic job negotiating hilarious banter with actually quite deep dialogue. 

2. Blade NZ: An amazingly inventive travelogue, told through the lens of two hilarious guys. It's a great insight into this country of ours... all the beautiful and bizarre parts of it. 

3. Survivor NZ: So I can  relive my glory days! Just kidding, but I am super excited for Season 2! From what I've seen it is going to be one intense adventure! 

4. Waka Huia: Beautifully shot and includes some wonderful stories and histories of Maori. Definitely helps me with my Te Reo Maori too! 

5. Kath and Kim: For old time lol's.

Watch Avi's Return To Ghana here