Avi Duckor-Jones

"In 2014, I spent 9 months on the isolated coast of Cape Three Points in Western Ghana.

I left a comfortable apartment in Manhattan’s West Village, a job, and a relationship, in pursuit of an adventure into the unknown.

During my time in Ghana, I directed Trinity Yard School, a Vermont based NGO, aimed at supporting students from the nearby rural villages of Akwidaa and Cape Three Points.

The heat, the isolation, the danger, being stripped of all comforts, and the loneliness, made it one of the most challenging chapters of my life.

My students made it the most rewarding.

Upon leaving, I continued to think of my students every single day, and thanks to winning Survivor NZ, I was able to return and give back to the communities who gave me so much.

Return to Ghana is the story of my journey back to West Africa.

The idea was simple: to find each one of my 19 students, hear their stories, and see how I could best support them.

What transpired was an epic journey through jungles, cities, towns, and villages as I sought to find each one...."

    - Avi