1. Practice making fire. Fire represents life in Survivor. If you can’t make fire, you’re metaphorically dead before the game’s even started.
  2. Strengthen your chopping arm/machete skills. Chances are, wherever you’re going there will be a LOT of coconuts.
  3. Embrace the elements. They’re unpredictable. If you don’t like the rain, you should probably just stay home.
  4. Be mentally prepared. Or Survivor will destroy your soul on day one.
  5. Learn to love rice. You won’t be eating much else.
  6. Learn how to get by on minimal sleep. This is no luxury resort. Sleeping on the ground, at the mercy of creepy-crawlies. You’re in for some pretty rough nights.
  7. Pack appropriately. Your pink dungarees might look cute on screen, but that’s not practical attire for challenges.
  8. Watch the movie 'Castaway'. Tom Hanks has a lot to teach you about survival.
  9. Don’t be a loudmouth. It’s far better to fly under the radar. Keep your opinions to yourself.
  10. Don’t be the strongest. If you are, try to hide it. As soon as individual immunity comes into play, you’re a big threat (although you won’t last long if you’re the weakest link either).
  11. Stay hydrated. Water is the only thing you’ll have an abundance of. Use it.
  12. Be discreet. E.g if you go looking for a hidden Idol, don’t do it in broad daylight while the rest of your tribe watches on. Duh.
  13. If you DO find a hidden Immunity Idol, keep it hidden. Don’t share it around willy-nilly. It won't earn you more trust, despite what you might think.
  14. Never name yourself the leader. You’re just asking to be challenged.
  15. Do your bit. If you’re lazy around camp, your tribe will notice. If you have a special skill e.g fisherman or rice cooker, they’ll keep you around longer.
  16. Back yourself, but be humble. Nobody likes an arrogant player, but make sure people know your worth.
  17. Pay attention to how people speak. If they tell convincing stories, you don’t want to sit next to them at the final Tribal Council.
  18. If you’re already rich, keep it to yourself. A deserving winner makes for a much better story.
  19. Don’t volunteer to sit out of a challenge. That’s openly admitting that you’re incapable.
  20. Don’t get injured.  If you can’t walk, that’s a slight disadvantage. Actually, it’s pretty much game over.
  21. Show an interest. Even if you couldn’t care less. People love a good listener.
  22. Don’t fall in love. Sure, it’s a great subplot for the viewers at home, but power couples are always destined to be split up.
  23. Don’t make enemies either. Easier said than done when you’re stuck on an island with the same group of people. But if you butt heads, people won’t feel bad voting you off.
  24. Don’t take things personally. Remember, it’s only a game. And nobody likes a crier.