Episode 4: The Ultimate Sacrifice

Tarzan, remember him? Grandfather of the year, all-round good guy? 

Anyway, he found an Immunity Idol pretty early on, but he didn’t keep it for himself. 

Tarzan bonded with Tessa, admitting that she reminded him a little of his daughter back home. 

So when he thought she was in danger, Tarzan slipped Tessa the Idol before Tribal Council. 

In a heart-breaking turn of events, Tarzan was voted out instead, essentially sacrificing his life for Tessa’s.

To her credit though, little Tessa has done him proud, fighting hard and managing to stay in the game.

Tessa and Tarzan bonded on the beach.

Episode 7: The Powerhouse Went Down 

Military-man Mark was a threat from day one, he said so himself.

Physically strong and undeniably smart, he seemed like the one to watch.   

However, his mysterious behaviour didn’t do him any favours in his tribe, and they sent him packing,

Asaga regretted it a little when they got back to camp that night and couldn’t even start the fire without him.

Mark was always a little shifty.

Episode 8: Exile Beach

Tara thought she was done for in episode 8. A move orchestrated by the sneaky AK saw her voted out of Samatau.

Then Annaliese shot herself in the foot, when she revealed her true colours and got herself eliminated moments later. 

BUT – instead of going home, they were both sent to Exile Beach.

Here, they had to spend the night alone with no food, fire or shelter. The next day they joined Asaga. 

Both of them are still in the running. They bonded with their new tribe, and swore vengeance on the enemies that put them there. 

Annaliese and Tara felt pretty sorry for themselves.

Episode 9: Tribe Swap

When Tara and Annaliese joined Asaga, it meant the numbers were uneven. 

So Jonathan (the host) announced that two people had to move over to Samatau. 

In a move that surprised everyone, Henry nominated himself, leaving his tribe-wife Jacqui behind. 

It looked like Henry was 'taking one for the team', but really he just wanted to control both tribes.

Plus he felt safe because he secretly had an Immunity Idol. 

Henry and Ben bid their old friends farewell.

Episode 11: Super Idol 

In an Immunity Challenge like no other, the winning tribe was sent to Tribal Council instead.

Here, Samatau got to vote for one tribemate to receive the ultimate reward.

The vote was pretty unanimous. They chose Ziggy, naming her the most reliable.

She spent a night in isolation, frantically searching for this massive game-changing reward. 

Just before dawn, she discovered the SUPER IDOL, a totem that effectively gave her ALL OF THE POWER.

It means she’s safe from the vote, and she can also use it to make someone else's Idol void.

However, she’s done a pretty good job of keeping it to herself so far…

Ziggy found the elusive Super Idol, hidden in the mangroves.

Episode 12: Tribe Swap (again)

Jonathan surprised us all with another tribe swap. 

There was no obvious reason for the swap, other than just to shake things up (aka create potential drama). 

The Survivors relunctantly drew new Buffs at random.

Some remained in their original tribes, while others were forced to change their allegiance. 

AK drew an Asaga Buff, meaning all his hard work and relationship-building tactics were out the window. 

Back at camp with her arch-rival AK, Tara was livid. 

Tara's face every time AK spoke.

Episode 12: Hero to Zero 

After the tribe swap, Tara saw an opportunity to get rid of the game’s most strategic player. 

She successfully convinced Asaga that AK was a snake, a threat that needed to be eliminated. 

Without a leg to stand on at Tribal, AK was sent home in tears. Tara on the other hand, was ecstatic having got her revenge.

The superfan’s dreams were shattered but, to be honest, we couldn’t help rejoicing a little bit too. 

AK gave a heartfelt farwell.

Episode 14: Mutiny

Asaga tribe were in turmoil at this week’s Tribal Council. 

Nobody trusted each other, rumours were flying and everybody’s fate was uncertain. 

So instead of sending somebody home, Jonathan gave them all a lifeline. 

They were all offered a chance to 'commit mutiny' - to jump ship and join Samatau. 

Peter didn’t think twice, he practically ran into the arms of his old tribe, even though Sarah begged him not to go. 

Pete practically ripped off his Asaga Buff to join Samatau.

Episode 16: MERGE 

And now, all of the drama and politics of the former tribes no longer matter. 

Now is when the individual game kicks in. 

Everybody’s out for themselves, and we have no idea how it’s going to play out. 

The newly-merged tribe.

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