WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the 2017 finale. Stream the latest episodes right here.

1. Nice guys CAN finish first. 

Despite his claims that he was a dirty player, 2017 winner Jericho was a pretty genuine guy.

He's positive, gracious and supportive. He stayed loyal (mostly) until the end, and he took the win like a champ. 

Really, he's a sweetheart. 

2. The season’s biggest rift has been resolved.

That’s right, arch rivals Tara and AK are best buds now.

“He's practically the godfather of my children,” Tara said.

Yeah… not sure we 100% believe that one.

Runner-up Tara claims there's no hard feelings.

3. Tessa is still dark about being voted off the Jury. 

Tessa admitted that Jericho’s decision to kick her off the Jury was heartbreaking.

A self-confessed superfan, losing the chance to have her final say was devastating. 

4. Everybody believed Henry’s lie.

Henry was a deceiver from day one.

He claimed he was a yoga instructor by trade, but he’s actually a labourer who’s only done yoga once in his life.

We assumed nobody would buy it, but he hoodwinked half of his tribe into believing he was a zen master. 

Mark's a winner in Sam's eyes.

5. Mark and Sam are a couple. 

They spooned in the hut every night on the island, but turns out it wasn’t just a situational relationship.

Mark and Sam got together after the show, and they’re still going strong.

Mark couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. “We’ve had a great life ever since the game.”

Their bond put them at risk, but they both agreed it was worth being eliminated for. Naw. 

6. Luke lost all of his clothes on day one.

Literally. All of Luke’s belongings apparently disappeared into the ocean or something.

So after that he just gathered up things that other people left behind.

We thought they looked familiar! 

Luke, a joker from start to finish.

7. The castaways aren’t just there for the money.

All of the contestants agreed that the bonds they made on Survivor will be lifelong alliances.

Even triumphant Jericho said that his friendship with Luke was the highlight of the whole experience. 

Stream the Australian Survivor reunion episode right here.