He had all the makings of a classic Survivor villain. He manipulated people, he controlled his tribe, and he made big moves. Yet, Luke was impossible to hate. 

Always the joker, he was smiling right up until the last moment. When he was voted out, Luke took it like a champ. 

“Gahhhh, you got me! Too easy,” he said to his Tribe, pulling them into a hug. “You’re all champions, I’ve had so much fun.” 

There’s no doubt that Luke would have been a major threat to the other contestants, if he’d made it to the finale. 

Luke will now join the Jury, where he’ll have a say in who wins the title of Sole Survivor. 

Here’s a look back at some of our favourite Luke moments from the show. 


1. When he hid by the well to hear people’s private conversations.

A technique that has previously been considered deceitful and ghastly. 

Somehow, Luke made it look like the most sensible thing in the world.

“I just want to sit in the bush and be creeping.”

From his hiding place among the ferns, Luke learned what people were planning, and who wasn’t being truthful. 

2. When he was a real-life superhero. 

Tribemate Sam got swept out to sea in a dangerous rip. But Lukey was there to save her. 

He dove into the waves and swum out without hesitating, it was better than watching Baywatch. 

“Guess I just like being a hero.” 

3. When he stirred up a wasp’s nest.

Always the troublemaker. He must have been stung about ten times, but he wasn’t even phased. 

Just laughed it off and carried on. 

Luke had a permanent smile on his face.

4. When he rose to top-dog status, without anyone even noticing.

So maybe this happened gradually, but it seemed like one moment Luke was just cruising, them BAM he was calling the shots. 

He orchestrated the fall of military man, Mark – and planned to break up the power couple, Henry and Jacqui. 

From then on he subtly controlled who went home each time. He was never blindsided at Tribal Council, at least until he met his end. 


Congratulations, mate.

5. That time he thought he found an Idol clue…

Asaga won a reward challenge, where they were treated to an afternoon of pampering and grooming at a beautiful water hole. 

After doing some manscaping, Luke wandered over to the dressing table and found a leather pouch. 

It looked deceivingly like an Idol clue, and he hurried to hide it down his pants (as you do). 

But it was actually just… a manicure set. 

6. When he went full Bear Grylls.

Luke proved himself a proper Survivor, when he caught not one but TWO sharks. 

Using the rudimentary fishing gear they won from Samatau, Luke hooked two little beauties one after another. 

Morale was high that night, he was a hero again, and the tribe feasted. "I'm the hunter now. Take THAT, Locky." 

Who wore it better?

7. How he somehow managed to inherit everyone’s clothes.

Luke had us all doing a double take, when he showed up wearing AK’s singlet, the day after he left. Then soon after, he was looking dapper in Henry’s conspicuous flamingo shirt.  

He’s recently confessed that his clothing-theft wasn’t a power trip as some suggested, it was  just plain necessity. He somehow managed to misplace most of his own clothing on set, so he took advantage of the others’ castoffs. 

We were hoping to see him in one of Sarah’s bikinis, but unfortunately she took them with her. 

Luke hit the jackpot.

8. When he cleaned up at the Survivor auction.

Luke took a gamble at the auction, betting all of his cash on a mystery prize. 

It paid off BIG TIME though. Luke got his own version of every single reward that was on offer.

His bounty included a full cheesecake, burger and fries, a mexican feast and a phone call home. Plus he got to spend a night away from camp in a luxury tent. 

Couldn’t have gone to a more deserving player. 

We’re sad that Luke’s gone, but happy that we got to watch him get this far. 

 “King of the jungle, signing out. Where’s the food, I’m starving!”  

Australian Survivor continues Tuesday and Wednesday, 7.30pm on TVNZ 2.

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