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  • Australian Survivor - Final Four

    It’s been nearly 50 days… and now we’re heading into the final moments of Australian Survivor. These players have outwitted, outplayed and outlasted 20 other people, to become the final four.

    Half a million dollars, and the Sole Survivor title is so close they can smell it. 

    Who will come out on top?


    Jericho has played the social game since the beginning, and is probably the most well-liked of the final four. So far he’s had no Tribal Council votes against him. 

    He had a strong brotherly bond with Luke, probably one of the only partnerships that remained loyal the whole way through.

    When faced with a “moral dilemma” Jericho opted for a large jar of cookies, which he then used to get his tribemates onside. 

    Jericho proved himself a physical threat too, being the last man standing in more than one group challenge. 


    Michelle is the wildcard of the season. A nanny by trade, many considered her to be a minimal threat. 

    However, she’s actually a firecracker. Not afraid to speak her mind, and do whatever it takes to stay in the game, Michelle has endured a lot of setbacks. 

    The highlight of Michelle’s game was when she won an Individual Immunity Challenge, and was also rewarded with a car.


    The underdog of the final four, Pete has flown under the radar and played a quiet, passive game. 

    He was labelled a “goat” by some of the other players, implying that he was being dragged along, rather than making his own moves. 

    However, he saved himself from elimination, when he chose to commit mutiny and swap tribes, back in Episode 14. 


    Tara has also played a social game. A follower at first, Tara has more recently started backing herself and making some big moves. 

    She successfully ousted her arch-rival and perhaps the game’s most dangerous player, AK. 

    Tara also turned on her best friend and ally, Locky, to solidify her place in the finals. 

    She was eliminated by Samatau tribe back in Episode 8, but was given a second chance after a night on Exile Beach. 

    A combination of twists in the game, and Tara’s own resourcefulness have carried her this far. 

    So who’s got your vote?

    Australian Survivor finals week starts Tuesday 14 November, on TVNZ 2 and OnDemand. 

    Australian Survivor contestant, Jericho.
    Australian Survivor contestant, Michelle.
    Australian Survivor contestant, Peter.
    Australian Survivor contestant, Tara.