WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Watch the full episode here.

The newly-established Asaga tribe.

Wedding DJ Aaron (AK) Knight may not have looked like a physical threat, but he played a dangerously strategic game from day one.

He made his intentions clear, claiming he’d happily leave his morals behind if it got him to the final.

“I want to win, and you can’t win unless you make BIG moves.”

A Survivor superfan, AK’s intense attitude towards strategy made some of his tribemates uneasy.

He worked tirelessly to get people onside and establish himself as a leader.

Despite being untrustworthy, AK’s wit and persuasive ways kept him in the game for 27 days.

He seized control of his tribe, Samatau, calling the shots and forming a large alliance.

In the latest episode however, the cracks were starting to show.

Nothing is certain in Survivor, and the game was flipped on its head. 

A tribe swap left AK on the outer, and he scrambled to make friends in the newly-established Asaga.

He also came face to face with face his nemesis, Tara, whom he’d previously voted out.

Tara however, was given a second chance, and had already solidified her place in the new Asaga tribe.

Bad news for AK.

AK delivers his parting speech.

At Tribal Council, his plans came crashing down around him.

AK found himself on the wrong side of the numbers.

Despite his determination to play hard until the end, AK accepted his fate with dignity.

 “I was honestly ecstatic with the game, and how I played. I had an absolute blast, and I have zero regrets.” 

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