Henry plotting his next move.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. Watch the latest episodes here.

In the most recent Tribal Council, we witnessed what was potentially the biggest blindside in Survivor history. 

Henry was voted out by his tribe, despite not having the slightest inkling that he might be in trouble.

He was so confident about his position in fact, that he didn’t even think to play the Immunity Idol hiding in his pocket.

In the final moments before the votes were counted, Henry’s ally Locky could be seen muttering, “play it.” But Henry’s confidence wouldn’t be shaken.

He lived to regret it. With a clean sweep of six votes, Henry’s time on Survivor was abruptly over.

Henry was a power player since day one. A threat both physically and strategically, Henry always seemed to be one step ahead of the game. He had a foot in both camps, was calling the shots and making big moves.

Henry also proved to be a good liar early on. Playing himself off as a yoga instructor, Henry wanted his tribe to see him as mellow and unthreatening. However, he’s actually a labourer, physically fit and quite highly strung.

His actions came back to bite him this week. Jericho realised he’d been betrayed and swore vengeance, while Sarah and Peter agreed that Henry was a threat that needed to be eliminated.

Tessa was pegged as the next easy vote, but she managed to win Immunity, setting a plan in motion that would mean the end for Henry.

The majority of the tribe managed to lull Henry into a false sense of security, while plotting against him all the while. It was a risky move, but they managed to pull it off.

Tessa got everyone onside to vote Henry out.

Henry admitted that the move against him was a respectable one, and he was humbled by it. “Credit where credit is due,” he said.

He also has no regrets about his approach to Survivor. “I want to be remembered as the guy who played the game from day one. I went after everything.” Can’t argue with that.

Henry becomes the third member of the Jury, meaning he has a say in who takes out the Sole Survivor title.

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