Locky and Tara were always close.

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. Watch the latest Australian Survivor episodes here.

From day one, Australian Survivor competitors Locky and Tara were best buds. 

It seemed an unlikely alliance  - Locky the strong, determined adventure guide, arguably the biggest threat in the game. And Tara, the charming yet unthreatening stay-at-home Mum, never taking herself too seriously.

But Tara proved us all wrong. She turned the tables, made a BIG move on Locky and got him sent home.

Earlier in the week, the cracks were starting to show in Locky and Tara’s relationship. They acted like they were still close but when the end is near, we know everyone’s out for themselves.

Tara started to feel resentful, doing Locky’s dirty work, being controlled by him all the while. She fought with the moral dilemma, finally admitting, “it breaks my heart, but he’s gotta go.”

Winning three Individual Immunities in a row though, Locky was starting to look invincible. Nobody on the tribe wanted go head to head with him. He said it himself, “I’m the whole package.”

Locky was getting too cocky.

But losing to Michelle in the latest challenge (by a mere two second margin), left Locky vulnerable.

He was visibly gutted by the loss. Tara on the other hand, showed no sympathy for her former ally.

“Locky’s had control for so long, and now that it’s gone he’s sulking like my 4-year-old does.”

It was a clean sweep at Tribal Council, a unanimous vote thanks to Tara’s insistence. Locky was sent home, devastated but not surprised. 

Tara was sad about writing down Locky's name, but it had to be done.

Watching the show on TV, Locky admits he was quite shocked by Tara’s betrayal. He didn’t realise she’d flipped on him so early.

However, they both insist there are no hard feelings now.

“We got along more as people than players,” Locky said. So let’s hope their friendship can continue in the real world.

Australian Survivor's final week is here! From Tuesday 14 November, on TVNZ 2 and OnDemand.