Australian Survivor's 2018 castaways

24 brand new contestants are up once again for the ultimate mental, physical and social challenge all hoping to come out on top as 2018’s Sole Survivor.

It’s the same Survivor format you know and love – but with the castaways split into two very different teams, there’s a twist this year that may just up the ante.

Its experts vs underdogs

This year’s theme, for the first time in Survivor history, is ‘Champions vs Contenders’. Pitting 12 ordinary Survivor contestants against 12 men and women who have risen to become champions in their chosen fields, expect 2018’s competition to get fierce, fast.

With Takeaway Delivery Drivers taking on Olympic Medallists and Interior Designers going up against Astrophysists and Poker Players, don’t underestimate these underdogs - in the game of Survivor there are no foregone conclusions.

We’re heading to Fiji

Where previous seasons of Australian Survivor have taken place in Samoa, this year the show is shaking things up, taking the contestants to the stunning island of Savusavu. 

Australian Survivor host Jonathan LaPaglia

Don’t let appearances fool you though – with just the clothes on their backs and minimal food and supplies, for the castaways this scenic paradise might quickly start to feel like anything but.

Jonathan LaPaglia is back

Returning once again to guide the Survivors through their challenges is Jonathan LaPaglia, who says he is looking forward to seeing the Contenders give their rivals a run for their money.

“I would really like to see some of the Contenders give the Champions a good race, especially in the challenges.

“I think it would make for some very interesting dynamics if the Champions underestimate the Contenders and get a rude awakening.”

The stakes are high

Over the course of 50 days the castaways will be pushed to their limits, competing with one another for one ultimate goal: the title of Sole Survivor and tidy $500,000 cash prize.

Who will outwit, outlast and outplay in 2018?

Find out right here, when the new season of Australian Survivor premieres Monday 15 October at 8.40pm on TVNZ 2