Aaron (AK)

Wedding DJ. 

Not here to make friends.

Doesn't take the easy road. 

"I want to be remembered as the player who played BIG."


Family man. 

Bit of a crier. 

Poker player, loves a good bluff. 

“I plan to leave my moral compass back in Australia."


Looks can be deceiving.

Plumber by trade.

No problem roughing it.

“I can’t wait to show them what I’ve got.”


Survivor superfan.

Not used to coming last.

Willing to play the damsel.

“Being underestimated is a real strength in this game.” 


Sideshow Bob.

Single, but not one to mingle.

Notorious klutz.

“I believe I can navigate my way through the game, despite my young age.” 


Liar from day one.

Likes to bend the rules.

It’s a game, will treat it as such.

“It’s time for me to chase my dreams.”


Marriage Celebrant.

Fabulous and 50.

Nothing to hide.

“I want to demonstrate that life doesn’t end at 30.”


Snap happy.

Top of the class.

Doing it for the misfits.

“I like putting myself in crazy situations that cause me great anxiety.” 



Flight attendant.

Devout Christian.

“In this game there will be bloodshed. I just hope it’s not me.” 


Puzzle master.

Dream follower.

Tough cookie.

“I can’t say whether I’m a hero or a villain. It’s 2017, can I be a hybrid?”



Avid hiker.

Lives outside her comfort zone.

“I am forever curious and eager to explore new opportunities.” 


Numbers man.

Swum the English channel, survived it.

Strategy = find the d**khead.

“Everyone has a plan. 24 of those plans will fail.”


Adventure guide.

Manly man.

Reluctant leader.

“My whole life leading up to this has been preparation for the game.”


Typical Aussie bloke.

Likes to stir the pot.

Loose cannon.

“I will play the nice social game. I could get along with the devil if I had to.”

Mark H

Lime farmer.

Real-life Tarzan.

Grandfather of the Year

“The door to the universe is wide open, so I will jump in and see where I land.”

Mark W

G.I Joe.

Fire bug.

Born ready.

“I’m the worst enemy you could possibly have out here.” 


Loves a chat.

Natural born leader.

Shameless flirt.

“You have to do what you have to do, it’s just a game at the end of the day.”


Fitness fanatic.


Super mum.

“Rather than cheat, I would rather play hard and fair.” 


Digital whiz.


Hero with a cunning streak.

“I’m looking forward to everything, even sleeping on the beach and minimal food.” 


Endurance athlete.

Motivational speaker.

Control freak.

“I have more mental grit than anyone out there. I have the tools to win this.”


Glamour model.

On the ball.

Willing to take on the big guns.

“I want my tribemates to underestimate me, think I’m just a pretty face. I know I’m not.” 


Horse-mad cowgirl. 

Stay at home mum.

Adrenaline junkie.

“The island is going to need some personality. I am the perfect person for the job.”


Harry Potter fanatic.

Smarty pants.

Not afraid to play dirty.

“People who say they’re playing with honesty and integrity are infuriating.” 


Water polo champion.

Sees through people.

Cool under pressure.

“I already have an Olympic medal. If I can do that, I can win Australian Survivor.”

Australian Survivor airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7.30pm on TVNZ 2, or stream the latest episodes right here.