Season Finale

Australian Survivor

The iconic reality castaway series is back with another season of Champions v Contenders. After a Champion won the game last season, the Contenders are hungry for blood and determined for an underdog to win the title of Sole Survivor!

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    Season 6 - Jury Villa, Episode 9
    • Monday 20 Jan
    • 22 days left to view

    M This player fell short of being able to plead their case to the Jury, so ended up joining it instead.

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      • Monday 20 Jan
      • 22 days left to view

      PG Season finale: After what has been an incredibly entertaining season, the last two contestants will head to the final Tribal Council! Who will walk away with the $500,000 and the title of Sole Survivor?

      • Wednesday 15 Jan
      • 17 days left to view

      M With the end in sight, tensions are at an all-time high. Every move the contestants make could be the difference between making the final three or being voted out of the game!

      • Tuesday 14 Jan
      • 16 days left to view

      M With no-one safe from elimination, our contestants are desperate to get their hands on the immunity necklace - how far will they go to keep themselves in the game?

      • Monday 13 Jan
      • 15 days left to view

      ML The Survivors dive into some of the heaviest game play of the season! Loyalties fly out the window and old alliances are broken as each Survivor tries desperately to keep their place in the tribe.

      • Wednesday 8 Jan
      • 10 days left to view

      M When two of the biggest warriors in the game go head-to-head, a hard-fought battle ends in tears. And it's a brutal Tribal Council where some hard truths are laid on the line.

      • Tuesday 7 Jan
      • 9 days left to view

      PG As we inch closer towards the pointy end of things, old alliances are starting to crack as everyone starts to fight hard for their place in the game.

      • Monday 6 Jan
      • 8 days left to view

      ML The individual game gets desperate with several Survivors sneaking around camp searching for the idol that will save their game. Secrets aren't staying secret, leading to a high-drama Tribal Council!

      • Tuesday 31 Dec 2019
      • 2 days left to view

      ML An unlikely duo battle it out in an endurance challenge! Plus, all sorts of names are being thrown up for the Tribal Council vote, but the name that keeps coming up the most is one you won't expect!

      • Monday 30 Dec 2019
      • 1 day left to view

      M The Survivors enter one of the biggest Tribal Councils of the season and an unexpected move turns the game on its head!