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Attitude – Sunday 1 May 2016

  • Season 2016, Episode 4

G Murray and Janine's son Steven was a gentle boy with autism. 18 months ago he left their house with the police, in handcuffs. Now they're ready for him to come home.

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Sunday 1 May 2016
  • Season 2016, Episode 4
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      G Terry, T.K and Jarrod's lives were completely shattered after suffering a traumatic brain injury, but after months of intense and relentless therapy, they face their biggest challenge... going home.

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      G What is it like to start again? To learn to tie your shoelaces at 56, or to learn how to walk when you're 16?

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      G In New Zealand 36,000 people suffer a traumatic brain injury every year. The most severe go to ABI Rehabilitation where a team of experts support people with brain injuries back into the community.

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      G Traumatic Brain Injury can happen to anyone. But it's often a hidden disability. In this episode we journey into a world not seen before, where people grapple with the most profound challenge.

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      G Imagine waking up and not knowing who you are. Every 15 minutes a New Zealander suffers a Traumatic Brain Injury. We follow three people in the fascinating phases of brain rehab.

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      G With a record number of entries, this year's Attitude Awards are set to be the best yet. From amazing artists to sports people with heart to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas; we meet them all.

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      G Robbie Francis is 27, and doing her bit to change the world. She's bringing together disability, sustainability and organic coffee farming to enrich the lives of disabled Mexicans.

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      G Ripu was 21 and finishing a Masters when meningicoccal septicaemia nearly killed him. The disease took his arms and legs and his nose. One year later he's learning to live with his new body.

      • Season 2016, Episode 25

      G Ian Stewart is a flamboyant 24-year-old with an eye for fashion, beauty and soap operas. But when dyslexia affects the way you learn, finding your way in the world can be a challenge.

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