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  • Attitude Episodes

      • Season 2017, Episode 6

      G 17-year-old Sean Prenderville is a survivor... he's had aggressive cancer in his thigh bone and underwent a rare 'backward foot' operation. He's about to find-out if he's in the clear.

      • Season 2017, Episode 5

      G Jarrod was like any other typical teenager, active and outgoing until a heart attack came out of the blue and nearly cost him his life.

      • Season 2017, Episode 4

      G Dr. Jo Scott had the world at her feet... her son was one year old, and she was just two exams away from becoming a qualified haematologist. But everything changed when she suffered a brain bleed.

      • Season 2017, Episode 3

      G Terry was always the life of the party but at 56, everything turned upside-down when he was in a horrific truck accident that left him in a delirium nobody could predict he would emerge from.

      • Season 2017, Episode 2

      G Sisters Nikki and Kristie both have the deteriorating lung condition, Cystic Fibrosis. Nikki's life is about to change as she gets a new set of lungs, while her sister gets on the waiting list.

      • Season 2017, Episode 1

      G New Season: Amanda Lowry was once a hard-core adrenalin junkie, living an action-packed life on the water, but things took an unexpected turn when she broke her neck while diving from a surfboard.