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    Sunday 3 May
    • Outbreak 2020

    PG In 2020 the rapid spread of COVID-19 has caused global alarm. We are being asked to unite as we fight this deadly virus, and begin the long process to build community immunity against this new threat.

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      • Being Me: Rufus

      G Rufus lives in Kaikoura with his parents, but wants to live independently like his siblings. On a road trip to Christchurch he meets others with Down syndrome and gets a taste of the big city life.

      • My Perfect Family: The Priestleys

      G Four of the six Priestley family members live with Autism. Because they're able to function at a high level, their daily struggles often go by unseen or misunderstood.

      • Being Me: Claudia

      G Claudia survived leukaemia, but the treatment that saved her life also left her with permanent disabilities. She has written a book about her journey, and is tackling her future head on.

      • My Perfect Family: Friedreich's Ataxia

      G Preparing for a 30th birthday is a big deal in the Boon family. Three out of five siblings live with Friedreich's Ataxia, a rare genetic condition with a life expectancy of just 37.

      • Bulletproof: Anita

      G A life-changing quad bike accident at 18 left Anita Kendrick paraplegic. But with determination and a few adaptations, she's managed to get back to her job as a shepherd on a King Country farm.

      • Being Me: Ming Ming

      G Blind since birth, Ming Ming has never let that stop him being involved in everything from cricket to painting. But with his adoptive Mum getting older, he must learn important independence skills.

      • My Perfect Family: Sam & Jason

      G Sam lost her sight as a baby due to meningitis, and her husband Jason has limited vision due to a genetic condition. But these busy parents of four young boys don't miss a beat.

      • Bulletproof: Sophia Takes Life On

      G In 2016, a horse-riding accident left Sophia Malthus tetraplegic. But determined to turn her situation into a positive, she's saying "yes" to all opportunities as she figures out what her future holds.

      • My Perfect Family: Jo & Leon

      G Young doctor Jo Scott's career was on the rise when a brain haemorrhage changed her life. Seven years on, she and husband Leon have a new normal - and a growing family.

      • Changemakers: Umi Asaka

      G Umi Asaka and her mother have brittle bone disease. After witnessing her mother's battle against discrimination in Japan, Umi is passionate about improving the rights of society's most vulnerable.

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