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    Sunday 28 Apr
    • Being Me: Rachel

    G Rachel Maia is an international para-climber. We discover how she balances life on the rock face, with her roles as a public figure and single parent to three children - one of whom lives with Autism.

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      • Tracking Towards Tokyo - Townsville Edition

      M Townsville, Australia is home to the 2019 Oceania Champs. This is the last chance for seven Kiwi para-athletes to compete and qualify for the World Champs in Dubai this November. The pressure is on!

      • Being Me: Barney Looks Back

      G Barney lost his hands and legs from meningitis as a baby. Now 25, he looks back on the life lessons he's learned from studying law, playing Wheelchair Rugby for New Zealand, and a visit to Samoa.

      • Being Me: Cody Steps Up

      G Tetraplegia hasn't stopped wheelchair rugby star Cody Everson from stepping up to adulthood. He owns a home with his girlfriend and "kids", and works hard to balance sport, his job and a relationship.

      • Being Me: Jack

      PG At 18, Jack Brown made a decision that would put him in a wheelchair. Facing his new reality, he had two options: look back or move forward. Four years on he's still learning, and there's hope.

      • My Perfect Family: Kat

      PG Kat Yearbury is a mother to two-year-old Frankie and six-year-old Ella, who has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. We follow the Yearbury whanau as they move from Auckland to Omaha and start a new chapter.

      • Being Me: Alex

      G Alex Hunt was born without his left arm, but this hasn't stopped him realising his dream of becoming a pro tennis player. Alex reveals how he's beaten the odds and succeeded in this competitive sport.

      • Being Me: Samarra

      G Samarra Wright grew up fearing she'd get MND - it killed her mother and many of her family. Here, the sassy West Coaster reveals how she lives with the disease that might also affect her two children.

      • Bulletproof: Jezza

      G Ten years ago, a canyoning accident in Switzerland left Jezza Williams a tetraplegic. An adventurer at heart, just two years later he started up his own inclusive adventure tourism business.

      • In My Mind: Mid-Life Crisis

      M Middle-aged males often top mental health statistics. Gen Xers and former comedians Willy de Wit and David Downs tell why their brushes with death and depression gave them something to smile about.

      • In My Mind: Breaking Point

      PG To endure a breakdown at the pinnacle of your sporting career is tough. Former NRL star Paul Whatuira opens up about the pressures of playing elite sport, and his journey to finding mental well being.

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