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    Sunday 3 May
    • Outbreak 2020

    PG In 2020 the rapid spread of COVID-19 has caused global alarm. We are being asked to unite as we fight this deadly virus, and begin the long process to build community immunity against this new threat.

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      • My Perfect Family: The Cookie Project

      G Born with disabilities including Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Ngā Hou now works as a baker at The Cookie Project - a social enterprise founded by her adoptive dad, Graeme.

      • Being Me: Nikayla

      G Living with cerebral palsy, Nikayla Wood never imagined she would skydive or ski. But with a new zest for life and a mantra to "feel the fear and do it anyway", she's embarking on the trip of a lifetime.

      • Being Me: Cory

      G Punk-rock frontman Cory Newman is creating big waves with his band. The award-winning 17-year-old, who was born with cerebral palsy, now looks ahead to leaving the comfort zone of home, and school.

      • Being Me: Kasem

      PG 13-year-old refugee Kasem lost his leg and much of his upper arm in a bomb attack in Syria, which also killed his father and siblings. Now in Dunedin, Kasem is determined to live life to the full.

      • Being Me: Ivan

      G Profoundly blind acupuncturist and radio enthusiast Ivan is 72 years old. He's never let his disability slow him down, and doesn't intend to let age do so either.

      • Being Me: Rufus

      G Rufus lives in Kaikoura with his parents, but wants to live independently like his siblings. On a road trip to Christchurch he meets others with Down syndrome and gets a taste of the big city life.

      • My Perfect Family: The Priestleys

      G Four of the six Priestley family members live with Autism. Because they're able to function at a high level, their daily struggles often go by unseen or misunderstood.

      • Being Me: Claudia

      G Claudia survived leukaemia, but the treatment that saved her life also left her with permanent disabilities. She has written a book about her journey, and is tackling her future head on.

      • My Perfect Family: Friedreich's Ataxia

      G Preparing for a 30th birthday is a big deal in the Boon family. Three out of five siblings live with Friedreich's Ataxia, a rare genetic condition with a life expectancy of just 37.

      • Bulletproof: Anita

      G A life-changing quad bike accident at 18 left Anita Kendrick paraplegic. But with determination and a few adaptations, she's managed to get back to her job as a shepherd on a King Country farm.

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