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  • Attitude Episodes

      • Season 2017, Episode 19

      G In this episode we explore why being a mum today is harder than ever and reveal how prolonged sleep deprivation has a negative lasting effect on our brains.

      • Season 2017, Episode 18

      G We're more connected than ever, but despite being constantly online, we're feeling isolated and anxious. We explore why social media is so addictive and what it's doing to our mental health.

      • Season 2017, Episode 17

      G Throughout childhood Jason Edgecombe was different and suffered endless rejection. A diagnosis of high-functioning autism in his 20s gave him the confidence to find his place, and now he helps others.

      • Season 2017, Episode 16

      G Claire Freeman's achieved a lot since a spinal injury that put her in a wheelchair at 17. But it was a mishap in a routine operation that has helped her to find true happiness.

      • Season 2017, Episode 15

      G Sam Smith is a comedian and a new dad. He doesn't take life too seriously but he's just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. What does this mean for him and is laughter really the best medicine?

      • Season 2017, Episode 14

      G At six, Brylee Mills lost her arm, and has been coming to terms with it ever since. She's embarking on a photography project, taking pictures of women with amputations to try and accept her own.

      • Season 2017, Episode 13

      PGR Geneva Tino's cerebral palsy means she needs a TalkLink device to communicate.... ironically the 24-year-old is about to complete her degree in Communications and embark on a career in PR.

      • Season 2017, Episode 12

      G A friendship born out of a love for sport, Nathan and Michael's fates aligned thanks to their passion for skiing... and now they're off to Austria to compete in the Winter Special Olympics!

      • Season 2017, Episode 11

      G Andrey and Eilish are the Yin to each other's Yang and would be lost without one another. Andrey was born with just half a ribcage while Eilish is blind after suffering an aggressive brain tumour.

      • Season 2017, Episode 10

      G Liam and Shane are a well-known pair around Gisborne. Liam has Down Syndrome, and while technically Shane is teaching him life skills, Liam's the one who's helped Shane emerge from depression.

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