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    Sunday 3 May
    • Outbreak 2020

    PG In 2020 the rapid spread of COVID-19 has caused global alarm. We are being asked to unite as we fight this deadly virus, and begin the long process to build community immunity against this new threat.

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      • Bulletproof: Dinesh

      G Halfway through medical school, a car accident left Dinesh Palipana a tetraplegic. Despite huge hurdles, he graduated as a doctor and is now embarking on ground-breaking spinal cord injury research.

      • My Perfect Family: The Rasmussens

      PG Born with a range of complex conditions, Andre Rasmussen is not expected to live past five. His family stamp him all over Christchurch creating a catalogue of memories for their future without him.

      • In My Mind: Dr. Tom

      G Doctor Tom's mission is to be the ambulance at the top of the cliff. By sharing his personal journey and years of experience in ED, he aims to change the way we care for our bodies and minds.

      • My Perfect Family: Little People

      G 27-year-old Loren prepares for the 50th annual Little People of New Zealand conference in Wellington, while in Invercargill 15-month-old Parker and his family get ready to attend for the first time.

      • Bulletproof: Amanda

      G It's been seven years since Amanda Lowry broke her neck while kite-boarding. Accepting a new normal with tetraplegia has been a long journey, but her busy life now includes triathlons and a PhD.

      • My Perfect Family: Bold as Brass

      G As New Zealanders living in Australia, Abbi and Morgan Brass received no government support when their son Josh was born with Sacral Agenesis. Now they are helping others in their situation.

      • Changemakers: Sir Robert Martin

      G Sir Robert Martin's earliest memories are of appalling treatment in an institution. Now, he works with the United Nations to stop the human rights abuse of people with intellectual disabilities.

      • My Perfect Family: No respite

      G Life during a pandemic is a challenge for all parents with kids at home. But for parents whose children have high needs, it is particularly difficult. Two mums share their lockdown struggles.

      • Diabetes - The Silent Killer

      G Type 2 diabetes is New Zealand's silent killer. More than 250,000 Kiwis live with it; a further 100,000 are estimated to have it unknowingly. What's behind the rise of this deadly disease?

      • My Perfect Family: Southland Lockdown

      G Awards Night is the highlight of the social calendar for a vulnerable workforce at Southland Disability Enterprises. But with COVID-19 escalating the glamorous evening is not all that might be lost.

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