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    Sunday 28 Apr 2019
    • Being Me: Rachel

    G Rachel Maia is an international para-climber. We discover how she balances life on the rock face, with her roles as a public figure and single parent to three children - one of whom lives with Autism.

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      • Impact: Stroke

      G A medical stroke impacts the lives of more than 9000 New Zealanders every year. Here, we visit Middlemore Hospital and follow Max and Iutita as they adapt to life after surviving a stroke.

      • The Attitude Awards 2019 Preview

      We give you a sneak peek at some of the finalists who will be recognised at this year's Attitude Awards. We also take a look back at some of the best moments from the past 11 years of the event.

      • Being Me: Rachael Leahcar

      G Australian singer-songwriter Rachael Leahcar was born with retinitis pigmentosa and at 25-years-old is legally blind. With only 5% of her vision left she makes a living as a full time musician.

      • Attitude

      G Southland Disability Enterprises employs over 80 people who live with a disability. For Mary-Ellen Joyce and Neville Clode, it's much more than just a workplace - it's an extended family.

      • Ava and Natalie: The SheLift Story - Part 2

      G Part 2 of 2: Ava and Natalie meet at SheLift, a retreat that brings girls and women with a physical difference together. Friendships are formed and confidence boosted through challenging team building activities.

      • Ava and Natalie: The SheLift Story - Part 1

      G Part 1 of 2: Natalie, a sassy photographer from Massachusetts, was born without her lower left arm. Ava, a pre-teen from New York, has Nail patella syndrome. Together, they buddy up for this year's SheLift Camp.

      • Attitude

      G Mahia and Tipene Stephens were born with a congenital eye disorder, causing their eyesight to deteriorate rapidly. As they grow into young men, mum Lane is determined to foster their independence.

      • Attitude

      G Though born with CHARGE syndrome, 22-year-old Sarah Dalton doesn't let it define her. She's an equestrian, a Special Olympics Global Messenger, and after 32 surgeries, somewhat of a medical expert too.

      • Being Me: Erica

      G Born with a rare condition that affects her outward appearance, Erica Perry proves it's what’s on the inside that counts. She lives by herself, runs half marathons, and talks to kids about self-belief.

      • My Perfect Family: Fergusons - Part 2

      G Part 2 of 2: We join the Fergusons on their trip of a lifetime, attending the World Federation of the Deaf Congress in Paris.

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