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Jordan Vandermade travels Aotearoa/New Zealand to meet the brave kiwis risking everything to create something new – in the midst of a global pandemic.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Monday 5 Oct 2020

    G We all know our mates can help us out in a crisis - and a global pandemic is no exception. Jordan is in Penrose, Auckland, where a classic example of 'mates helping mates' has led to unexpected opportunities. Hypermeat is a combination of two existing businesses who were forced to make a quick change over lockdown, in order to stay afloat - a collaboration that continues to evolve and flourish, even today...

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      • Monday 22 Mar

      G Helping people and their pets is Rebekah from Streetwise Pet’s dream scenario - but it order to keep her business alive and thriving, Rebekah needs to upskill and branch out. In this episode Jordan gives another ASB Backing Business grant recipient the life and business changing news and then joins her, a few weeks later, to see how things (including the dogs) are tracking.

      • Monday 15 Mar

      G A group of friends with a bee-eauty of an idea; Jordan meets the next of the ASB Backing Business grant recipients to give them the good news and then travels to their test site in the Waikato to find out more about their mighty (or should that be mite-y?) plan.

      • Monday 8 Mar

      G Jordan meets the next of the ASB Backing Business grant recipients to give them the exciting news and to learn more about their winning idea. A Kiwi business laying eco-friendly foundations (in more ways than one!) for generations to come...

      • Monday 1 Mar

      G Watch as Jascha Oldham-Selak, a méthode traditionnelle (champagne style) contract wine maker, receives the news that he's one of the four ASB Backing Business grant recipients. Jordan then joins him in sunny Hawke's Bay to find out how the grant will help his business and give the New Zealand wine industry a little more sparkle...

      • Monday 14 Dec 2020

      G Chris Saunders and Sara Smeath's return to New Zealand was much earlier (and more eventful!) than expected. Now based in the Bay of Islands they've combined their unique skills to create a platform which they hope will transform the local tourism industry - and Jordan can't wait to try it out!

      • Monday 7 Dec 2020

      G Sometimes we need a lifeline to stay afloat - it also helps if you have many different skills to lean on too! Jordan joins Ultimate Descents, a white water rafting company, in Murchison to hear about the 'quintessentially Kiwi' lifeline they were thrown that has helped them through one of the toughest few months ever faced by our tourism industry.

      • Monday 30 Nov 2020

      G For Haley Lowe, Company Director of O Te Motu creations, business is all about connections; from the guidance of her tīpuna through to a social media page set up to help NZ creative business survive lock-down. Jordan joins her and her daughter Mereana, aka Boss Kōtiro, at their home studio in Papakura to find out more about their kaupapa - reminding us that sustainable business practices can be beautiful.

      • Monday 23 Nov 2020

      G For Sean and Eugene, lock-down was a wake-up call. Both seasoned veterans in hospitality - both have spent years working for someone else. Having always wanted to set up their own establishment, they realised they could sit around and wait for the right time - or they could seize the moment, put everything on the line and make it happen.

      • Monday 16 Nov 2020

      G The Gurr family live in the seaside town of Mangawhai but the pressures of life meant they weren't spending much time together, in the beautiful place they call home. Jordan joins Myf and Dave to hear about a decision they made shortly after lock-down which, quite possibly, landed them with the catch of a lifetime… Additional drone footage supplied by Hammerhead.Visuals

      • Monday 9 Nov 2020

      G Jordan heads deep into the heart of Marlborough to meet Ben Leggett, co-owner of Elemental Distillers, who came up with a very handy way to not only keep their business operating during lockdown - but also local businesses and organisations in the community too.

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