Anika Moa is coming back with an all new season of Anika Moa Unleashed on Wednesday 26 September at midday on TVNZ OnDemand.

In season 2, New Zealand’s favourite interviewer will be asking the tough questions of more famous Kiwis, including Stan Walker, Judith Collins and Urzila Carlson. 

Anika has already proved that nothing is off limits. From asking Jacinda Ardern why she lied to her about wanting to be Prime Minister to quizzing Art and Matilda on their product endorsements, she goes there.

Here are five of her best moments so far: 

  1. Doing her Helen Clark impression for Helen Clark
    Somehow Anika convinced Helen Clark to let her call Jacinda Ardern and leave a message. She did her best Helen impression, but Helen was not buying it. Bless you Anika, for bringing this iconic TV moment to us.
  2. Joking about death with The Casketeers
    Death is often a taboo subject… but not for Anika. She tried out a casket with funeral home directors Francis and Kaiora Tipene, lead a singalong while reclined in the cushiony interior, did her best zombie impression, then had a ‘terrible death joke laugh-off’ with Francis. Watching both Anika and Francis struggling to keep a straight face is TV gold.
  3. Acting out a scene with Martin Henderson
    There are so many brilliant moments in Anika’s chat with Martin Henderson, including an accent game that needs to be seen to be believed. But one of the best moments was when Martin agreed to act out a scene with Anika called Steamy Aroha dressed as Nicole Kidman. He really nails that hair flick.
  4. Competing with Dame Valerie Adams
    Competing against a gold medallist was always going to be hard, whether it be a basketball game or a running race. But best of all, Anika cracked up during their knock-knock joke off. She laughed so much Valerie had to tell her how much she sucked at her own game. Who knew Dame Valerie also had a gold medal in keeping a straight face?
  5. The facial expression game with Sam Neill
    Anika asked Sam Neill to make a face that represented the inside of Taika Waititi’s brain and the result was hilarious. Not to be outdone, Anika then did the inside of Helen Clark’s brain. It was spectacular. Sam totally lost it.

Watch season 1 of Anika Moa Unleashed right here. Season 2 premieres Wednesday 26 September at midday.