Anika Moa Unleashed

Anika Moa is at large, meeting Kiwi people in places that are close to their hearts. She brings out the best in them, with an unfiltered and unadulterated korero, as only Anika can do. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

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    I'm Blacker than You Stan Walker
    • Wednesday 26 Sep 2018

    16L Stan Walker's incredible story of cancer survival has captivated the public on both sides of the Tasman. He's made of tough stuff, but will he survive his encounter with an unusually unhinged Anika Moa? Expect exceptional singing, madness and some deep and meaningfuls. Not for the faint hearted. You have been warned.

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      • Wednesday 6 Mar 2019

      M Season Finale. Part 2 of 2: TrueBliss are back in the studio to record a 2019 version of their 1999 smash hit 'Tonight'. Anika gathers the girls, but there's a problem, original member Carly Binding refuses to join the fun. But who will sing Carly's part? Could it be Anika?

      • Wednesday 27 Feb 2019

      M Part 1 of 2: Twenty years ago a new reality show called Popstars hit NZ's screens. The girls from TrueBliss, the band that emerged from the show, were reality show guinea pigs who briefly became household names with a number one album and a national tour. Anika Moa tracks the girls down with a view of getting the band back together.

      • Wednesday 20 Feb 2019

      16L Anika tricks star children's entertainer and educator Suzy Cato into an adult themed encounter with wild special effects, some seriously unhealthy fast food and a dead cat.

      • Wednesday 13 Feb 2019

      M It's fair to say that Tim Shadbolt; New Zealand's favourite mayor, former student radical, and now Knight of the Realm, was somewhat bewildered by his encounter with Anika Moa. Perhaps it was the bizarre costume change, or was it the challenge to "wipe the smile" off that famously grinning mug?

      • Wednesday 6 Feb 2019

      16L Hilary Barry of all people should have known it wasn't a good idea to invite Anika to invade her pristine home on Auckland's North Shore. The house proud Barry is soon aware of the her folly as the encounter unravels in a haze of party streamers, smeared chocolate cake, shocking sexual innuendo and an actual clown.

      • Wednesday 30 Jan 2019

      16L Anika can barely contain her excitement when she invades the Auckland home of film and TV star Robbie Magasiva, partly because she is the number one fan of Wentworth, in which Robbie plays wayward prison guard Will Jackson.

      • Wednesday 23 Jan 2019

      ML Things start badly when Anika is late for her interview with our most respected broadcaster and national journalistic icon, John Campbell. Moa picks away at John's mana with series of strange questions and encourages the usually well mannered newshound to descend to her level.

      • Wednesday 16 Jan 2019

      16L But wait, there's Moa! Anika invades the home of infomercial queen and cultural taonga Suzanne Paul; mother of Natural Glow, the Suzanne Clip and the novelty hit single The Blue Monkey. Anika challenges the great saleswoman to create a series of infomercials for increasingly bizarre products and she delves into Suzanne's past life as a Playboy Bunny!

      • Wednesday 12 Dec 2018

      16L Part 2 of 2: Anika grills Shortland Street producer Maxine Fleming, undertakes a steamy audition with T.K. (Ben Mitchell) and talks about penises with Michael Galvin (Dr Warner). She also sings with Ngahuia Piripi (Dr Esther Samuels) and, in an unexpected twist (SPOILER ALERT) she gives birth in the Ferndale Hospital!

      • Wednesday 5 Dec 2018

      16L Part 1 of 2: Anika is unleashed into the studios where Shortland Street is made. The first stop is an unsettling encounter with the street's most popular male double act and bro-mancers, Boyd and Drew.

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