Anika Moa Unleashed

Anika Moa is at large, meeting Kiwi people in places that are close to their hearts. She brings out the best in them, with an unfiltered and unadulterated korero, as only Anika can do.

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    Can I call you Paula Benefit?
    • Wednesday 28 Mar 2018

    16L Anika Moa spends a day with Deputy National Leader Paula Bennett. Invading her Waitakere home, Anika interrogates Paula about leadership, loss, gastric bypass surgery and her wayward youth. Bennett gives Anika a full westy makeover and smashes out karaoke in this unorthodox, unpredictable, unmissable episode.

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      • Wednesday 16 Jan

      16L But wait, there's Moa! Anika invades the home of infomercial queen and cultural taonga Suzanne Paul; mother of Natural Glow, the Suzanne Clip and the novelty hit single The Blue Monkey. Anika challenges the great saleswoman to create a series of infomercials for increasingly bizarre products and she delves into Suzanne's past life as a Playboy Bunny!

      • Wednesday 12 Dec 2018

      16L Part 2 of 2: Anika grills Shortland Street producer Maxine Fleming, undertakes a steamy audition with T.K. (Ben Mitchell) and talks about penises with Michael Galvin (Dr Warner). She also sings with Ngahuia Piripi (Dr Esther Samuels) and, in an unexpected twist (SPOILER ALERT) she gives birth in the Ferndale Hospital!

      • Wednesday 5 Dec 2018

      16L Part 1 of 2: Anika is unleashed into the studios where Shortland Street is made. The first stop is an unsettling encounter with the street's most popular male double act and bro-mancers, Boyd and Drew.

      • Wednesday 28 Nov 2018

      16L Joseph Parker has faced some really tough opponents in his professional career, but going the distance with Anika Moa almost proves to be his undoing. The pair slug it out in an often bruising encounter which includes an ill-advised Samoan joke-off, some actual boxing and a musical interlude featuring Joseph's impressive guitar skills.

      • Wednesday 21 Nov 2018

      16L Kita and Anita are two of NZ's most prominent drag queens, co-owners of the legendary Caluzzi and hosts of TVNZ's House of Drag. They deal in offensive, crass and self-deprecating humour so they should have no trouble dealing with Anika Moa, right? Buckle up for a no-holds-barred festival of appalling behaviour and good times. Tragic, but in the best possible way.

      • Wednesday 14 Nov 2018

      16L Be amazed as psychic medium and hair dye enthusiast Sue Nicholson predicts the sex of Anika's baby. Moa invades the home of the The Sensing Murder star in Lower Hutt in this spooky special which also features Karen O'Leary, star of Wellington Paranormal.

      • Wednesday 7 Nov 2018

      16L The meeting between New Zealand's foremost right wing politician and our wayward songstress could have been a total disaster. Thankfully it's only a car crash. Watch as the pair clash over politics, trade insults and fight like naughty siblings.

      • Wednesday 31 Oct 2018

      16L Jamie Curry became a YouTube star as a schoolgirl. Her 'Jamie's World' channel attracts millions of viewers with candid posts about her life in suburban N.Z. Now in her early 20s, she's embarking on a new venture - marriage. Her post announcing she was in love with a woman clocked up 1.5 million views, so who better to advise Anika on how to up her social media game?

      • Wednesday 24 Oct 2018

      16L Anika is in her element in this raunchy and revealing encounter with Chris Parker (Hudson and Halls, Funny Girls) and Tom Sainsbury (Supercity, Kiwis of Snapchat), two of the most prolific actors and comedians in Aotearoa. But will their stellar careers survive a re-imagining of a certain scene from The Handmaid's Tale? You be the judge.

      • Wednesday 17 Oct 2018

      16L Fresh from visiting some of the weirdest fringes of the known world via his Netflix series 'Dark Tourist', David Farrier finally meets his match - a rampaging Anika Moa. In this blistering encounter she pushes him beyond the edge of darkness.

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