Almost Never

Almost Never

The members of boy band, the Wonderland, juggle school and home life while also trying to follow their dreams of stardom.

Almost Never
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • The Spotlight

    G Boy band The Wonderland come second in the biggest music show on TV, and judge Sasha Small decides to sign the winners - a girl band called Girls Here First - instead of them. Feeling disillusioned, the boys try to find the inspiration to carry on.

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      • Hot Wings

      G Coleen offers The Wonderland a management deal, Chloe and Nate try to sort out their relationship, and the Girls Here First tour is cancelled.

      • The Stadium Show

      G The boys, still undecided about Coleen's offer, give AJ one more chance to prove he's the best choice of manager. Meanwhile, Harry develops a crush on Dan's new waitress.

      • Managers

      G The boys' meeting with a new manager is ruined by AJ. Meanwhile, Sasha tries to salvage GHF's reputation with a press exclusive.

      • Do the Fandango

      G Sasha ruins the boys' chance of a record deal, while Meg and Anika mess up the band's merchandise.

      • The Mall

      G Jordan's management credentials are tested when the boys are late for a gig at a local shopping mall. Meanwhile, Dan panics when a food vlogger turns up at the diner.

      • The Sound of Silence

      G Oakley tries to get Nate and Chloe together at a silent disco, while Harry attempts to get over his crush by going out for an embarrassing dinner with his parents.

      • The Homecoming - Part One

      G Chloe and Nate's first Christmas together is disrupted when Anika receives an unwelcome letter in the post. Meanwhile, Harry and Oakley's Christmas tree hunt gets messy, and Sasha's future with GHF is in doubt.

      • The Homecoming - Part Two

      G Nate's in shock after a surprise visit from his dad, while Sasha has some dramatic news for GHF and Fabio.

      • Boy in the Woods

      G Nate is struggling to write any new songs, so Harry forces him to find some creative inspiration. Meanwhile, Fabio and GHF's new line-up have a tough first day together.

      • Next Stop the Grannies

      G The Wonderland's audition for a big US TV show clashes with a 'meet the band' competition no one knew about - except Oakley, who organised it without telling anyone.

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