Jodie is the 17-year-old murder victim. She is the daughter of devoutly religious parents, who are members of The 9th Ministry – an exclusive religious sect.

Jodie was a highly intelligent student, but in recent months she had become despondent. 

To her parents, she was a model child – diligent and obedient at church. To her friends she was fun loving and dependable. 

But they didn’t know that Jodie had fallen in love with local boy Caleb, whose family is at the head of Devil’s Gate, a notorious lower North Island gang. 

Jodie’s parents wouldn’t approve of her dating anyone outside of the Church, let alone a gang member.

Her father was grooming her for the life of a humble, religious wife, just like her mother. 

But Jodie felt stifled by her family life and trapped by the religion she was born into. 

Caleb is the only one who really understood her.

Jodie hid her unhappiness from everyone and was planning to run away with Caleb the night she was murdered.