Alibi's Jodie Hunter

The premise

Alibi is a six-part crime drama which centres around the murder of 17-year-old Awatahi student, Jodie Hunter. 

Essentially, it’s the same story – Jodie’s final day – told from six different perspectives, with each episode focusing on a suspect in the case.

Watch the suspect interviews

Alibi is unique because you can watch the six suspect interviews in any order, with all available to stream here from midday Thursday 30 August. 

So you decide how you want to watch it!

As you watch the alibis, piece together the clues and try to solve the case.

Hunt for more clues

Awatahi Community Facebook page: Delve further into the Awatahi community by exploring their Facebook page. This is a great way to learn more about the characters and their pasts.

Malika Singh’s Instagram: Awatahi student Malika fancies herself a bit of a social media influencer. Or at least those are her #goals. Malika’s Instagram will give further insight into the mind of Jodie’s BFF.

Character bios: Learn more about the characters as you try to find Jodie’s killer.

Solve the case

After the detective has heard all the suspect’s alibis, the crime will be solved in one final episode available midday Thursday 13 September. This will be found in a separate tab on the show page titled ‘Finale’.

Stream all the suspect interviews from midday Thursday 30 August on TVNZ OnDemand.