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Air Crash Disaster

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      • Saturday 27 May
      • 25 days left to view

      PGR The darkest aviation secret is that safety improves one crash at a time. What can some of the worst air disasters of all time teach us?

      • Thursday 4 May
      • 2 days left to view

      PGR In the worst US crash in over seven years, a Buffalo-bound flight stalled and plummeted into a suburban home in 2009.

      • Saturday 1 Apr
      • 18 days left to view

      PGR Two minutes after Scandinavian Airlines Flight 751 left Stockholm in 1991, smoke filtered through the cabin and both engines failed, one erupting into flames.

      • Saturday 13 May
      • 11 days left to view

      G British Airways' flight number 38 suffers from double engine failure and crashes near Heathrow in 2008.

      • Saturday 1 Apr
      • 4 days left to view

      PGR Minutes before they're scheduled to land in Zurich, the pilots of a routine passenger flight can't find the runway. They abort and power up the engines in order to climb, but they are too late.