A Young Doctor's Notebook

On the eve of the Russian Revolution, a young doctor arrives at an eerie, back-woods hospital. Nothing prepares him for the strange people and puzzling medical maladies he faces, but he finds help in the most unexpected of mentors. Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm.

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    PG Straight out of medical school, a young doctor is sent to a remote village in the middle of nowhere to run a small hospital.

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      16C The hospital learns that the Zemstvo is coming for an inspection, sending the young doctor and Pelageya into a panic as they fear the discovery of a morphine shortfall.

      16C The young doctor desperately tries to replace his depleted morphine supply, turning to cocaine and becoming increasingly shambolic.

      16C The old doctor visits the young doctor, announcing that he wants to write an opera in an attempt at cathartic self-discovery. He wants to discuss what happened with Pelageya, but the young doctor just wants to talk about Natasha.

      16C Series Finale: Natasha departs, leaving the doctor to drown his sorrows. He wakes to find two Bolsheviks demanding to know where all the medicine is.