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A Place To Call Home

A sweeping drama of love, passion, betrayal and intrigue, A Place to Call Home sees an Australian family caught up in it all.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Friday 22 Jun 2018

    MVS Graceful yet enigmatic nurse Sarah Adams learns of the death of her half-brother and returns to Australia from London to care for her estranged mother.

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      • Saturday 14 Sep 2019

      PG Sarah and George's return from overseas brings the family an unexpected surprise before tragedy strikes Roy.

      • Saturday 14 Sep 2019

      M Sarah supports a heartbroken Roy, Elizabeth questions her place in the family, and Henry's life is changed forever.

      • Saturday 14 Sep 2019

      PG Dawn's funeral brings healing for some, while the consequences of Henry's accident bring soul searching for others.

      • Saturday 14 Sep 2019

      MC Will Sarah, George and Jack's investigation into Henry's accident lead to another tragedy?

      • Saturday 14 Sep 2019

      PG The pressure builds on Olivia when Matthew locates Georgie's birth mother - will she lose her son?

      • Saturday 14 Sep 2019

      MC A near fatal encounter with Stan brings Sarah's deepest fears to the surface. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is challenged by Matthew's brutal assessment of her biggest flaw.

      • Friday 16 Aug 2019

      PG Sarah finds the strength to face her biggest fear and embrace happiness with George and David.

      • Friday 23 Aug 2019

      PG Jack and Carolyn's marriage is under threat as Delia hovers dangerously - but can she strike?

      • Friday 30 Aug 2019

      PG Sarah challenges Jack to communicate with Carolyn. Olivia returns with unexpected news.

      • Friday 6 Sep 2019

      PG Series Finale: As the 1950s come to an end at Ash Park, will Jack and Carolyn find their way back to each other?