Best friends are there for you in the good times...

It’s completely relatable

Claire has just broken up with her boyfriend of five years and has been flung back into the dating scene. She has to navigate Tinder, flirting with strangers in bars, and that place in a relationship between casual and serious where no one says what they want.

Creator and star Grace Rouvray told that she “really tried to hone in on this weird non-relationship thing that happens in your 20s or 30s.” 

It’s refreshingly honest

The Aussie series was inspired by the unapologetic honesty of the US comedy Girls and the uncomfortable realism of Aziz Ansari’s series Master of None. So nothing is off limits.

It’s infectiously funny

The best thing about 600 Bottles of Wine is that humour is found in almost any situation, especially the cringe-inducing ones. You won’t be laughing at Claire and her friends, you’ll be laughing with them.

And all the awkwardness is left in

Flirting with strangers in a bar, the morning after a one-night stand, the ‘is-this-a-relationship’ conversation? 600 Bottles Of Wine doesn’t gloss over these moments.

It’s bite-sized entertainment

The episodes are short, so you can binge them all in one night. But be warned, you’ll get to know and love the characters so quickly you’ll be left wanting more.

...and the bad

It’s a story about women, made by women

It’s written by lead actress Grace Rouvray, produced by Bec Bignell and directed by Ainslie Clouston. These incredibly talented women are guaranteed to go far!

So the friendships are scarily familiar

Claire, Timmie, Harriet and Nat are loyal, honest and sometimes brutally cruel to each other. They give the best and sometimes the absolute worst advice.

There’s swearing, drinking, and gossiping but mostly just a lot of love. 

It’s based on real stories

Grace used her own break up as inspiration as well as stories from her friends. She wanted to make the series as close to the experience of dating in 2018 as possible. We think she nailed it!

The full season of 600 Bottles of Wine is available to stream right here