Grace Rouvray, Nerida Bronwen, Nancy Denis and Stephanie Baine

Claire is recently single and ready to mingle.

On a night out, her friends Nat, Timmie and Harriet convince her it’s time to try flirting again for the first time in 5 years.

At first she’s looking for a one-night stand (or several) and is happy to have “feelings-free” sex. 

But when a one-night stand turns into something more, Claire finds herself in that weird place between no-strings and coupled up. 

Thankfully she has her three best friends and a few bottles of wine to keep her sane.

It’s hilarious, honest and just a little bit awkward. 

Grace Rouvray, who plays Claire, also created and wrote the series. 

She based a lot of Claire’s experiences on her own real-life dating stories and those of her friends.

“I came out of a long-term relationship and was really excited to start dating again,” Grace told 

“You listen to your friends talk about their sexual experiences and being in a relationship and you get a little bit jealous – you think 'I want to contribute to these stories'”.

Originally funded through a Kickstarter campaign, Grace says 600 Bottles of Wine “embraces the dirty, the shameful and all the embarrassing moments of trying to date in an era where no one really says what they mean or what they want.”

Look out for Packed to the Rafters star Angus McLaren who plays advertising executive Pat, a potential suitor Claire meets in a bar.

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