Service Updates

This is where we'll let you know about any outages or just provide tips for watching TVNZ

Latest Update: 23 November 2018

Chromecast on iOS12 and above

We are currently experiencing an issue with Chromecast for users on iOs12 and above where the Chromecast icon does not appear.  We are working on a fix and hope to resolve soon. We apologise for the inconvenience. 


Previous Update: 8th May 2018

XBox One crashing on start up

We are aware of a problem with the Xbox One which has occurred since the latest software update from Microsoft.

Our engineers are talking to Microsoft to try to isolate what change they made which has resulted in this issue.

We hope to have a solution as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding that it is something out of our control.


Watching Live TV on Android pauses after ads play

We're aware of an issue where Live TV freezes for Android app users after watching the first advertisements. Simply press the pause/play button once, and if Live TV doesn't start playing after this, press the symbol again until it shows a pause symbol.

After this, a loading symbol will appear, then Live TV will begin playing as normal.

We're working to resolve this ASAP and return Live TV to working as it was before.


Error code displays when I try to watch content on my PC/Desktop browser

Some viewers are reporting receiving an error code message when trying to view OnDemand content. If you're affected by this issue, we'd recommend trying to update your browser version if possible, or try an alternative to see if that works better.

This is often the result of having an older, out of date browser. If the issue persists, please contact us. If you're unsure of your browser and operating system details, you can check them here: 


Advertising/video won't autoplay in OnDemand on Safari

Some viewers on MacOS using Safari have found advertising and video no longer autoplays, with the play button potentially having to be pressed multiple times to watch a show.

Unfortunately, this is a feature of the Safari 11 update in conjunction with Apple's High Sierra release, and out of TVNZ's control. This Safari update contains an autoplay blocking feature for video.

If you'd like to resolve this on, head to the Safari menu by clicking on the Safari name in the top left corner of your browser. Then, click 'Settings for this website' while on, and then find the 'auto-play' drop-down to change the browser's behaviour to allow auto-play.


Chromecast isn't working on my Sony TV

If you're trying to cast to your Sony TV or Android TV Box Chromecast, you may experience an issue where all episodes load but never play, while Live TV works.

We're working to resolve this as soon as possible, and apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Loading circle spins continuously on Samsung TV

We've had a number of reports from viewers of loading circles spinning continuously on Samsung TV models.

We'd recommend making sure you have the latest software version for your TV, and if you do, please try resetting your TV's Smart Hub.

Please be aware, by doing this you will then need to download any apps you previous had that don't come with the Smart Hub originally.

Here's how you reset the Hub:

1. Exit the Smart Hub, then press the Menu key on your TV's remote control.

2. Go to the option Smart Hub, then choose the option Smart Hub reset.

3. Tick all the boxes under Terms and Conditions.

4. Select Reset Smart Hub and enter your PIN (default is 0000).

5. Wait until the reset completes and the message is displayed confirming this.

6. Then, please try access the OnDemand app again.


FreeviewPlus playback issues



We have an outstanding issue on some LG TV models where content will not play. Models affected are: 55LH600V, 49LH600V, 43LH600V, 55LH575T, 49LH570T, 43LH570T, 32LH570D


OnDemand not working on Windows XP or Vista

Unfortunately, our upgrade to HTML5 from the unsecure Flash means that OnDemand is unable to work on any browser available to Windows XP and Vista users.

Originally, we made the change from Flash to HTML5 with the belief that Firefox v.52 would continue to work for these users. However, this version is missing a key plugin required to access our protected content.

As a result, OnDemand will not work on Firefox for Windows XP and Vista users, and the OS is unsupported by our other supported browser versions.

We deeply apologise for any frustration and inconvenience caused by this decision.