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27 September, 2017

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Paul Maher, TVNZ Commercial Director

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since I was last on this stage – and what a year it’s been.  

Well, it’s been a tough year but I think we’ve achieved a lot; we established DUKE as a key part of our on-air and online arsenal. Re-launched the TVNZ website and improved our OnDemand and video offers including the delivery of Chromecast and the live streaming of all our channels.  We also launched New Blood initiatives which have delivered a creators space and Re:  an alternative news voice which lives in a purely social environment and since launch has delivered over 5 million video views.  

And our core channels TVNZ 1 and TVNZ 2 continue to deliver over 2M viewers every day. You may have noticed that in the video and I know how surprising that is to hear from me! But you know what? It matters.

Peter Fields (global marketing guru), who we had out earlier this year, said it beautifully; “to gain brand fame and top line growth, brands need media with mass reach and scale”

We deliver that; we have unmatched reach and scale, and we deliver it in local, premium, brand safe environments that truly connect with consumer.

But like you we have to keep evolving, move with our viewers – for us that’s about continuing to leverage our on-air strength and add more content opportunities, more connection experiences that matter to New Zealanders.

You’ll hear more about that from Cate and Kevin this evening. About our commitment to invest and fight in the key moments, junctions and platforms that matter most and about our continued strategic journey to grow our business.

You’ll hear a lot about change – let me also talk about what hasn’t changed; the reason we’re doing these things – our focus remains making your business, your brand, more successful.  As a commercial team we are 100% committed to that.

And so, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to you all; our agency and advertiser partners, our valued production partners and New Zealand on Air.

As I said, last year was tough, the TV market under more pressure than ever before but in that environment we were able to grow our share of the TV market and deliver significant year on year revenue growth in our digital business. We couldn’t have done that without you – Thank you, your support means a huge amount to us.

OK, enough of the sales pitch – you’re here for the showcase so let’s get on with the show!

Last year I proudly announced Pete and Manu as the hosts of the refreshed MKR New Zealand – launching on Monday night to really strong audiences - a signal of the power of our local formats.

Tonight I’m pleased to announce that Pete and Manu had such a great time with us that they’re coming back for another season of My Kitchen Rules New Zealand in 2018. 

Kevin Kenrick, TVNZ CEO

I want to start by thanking you for your business and for taking the time to join us this evening. We appreciate the trust you place in TVNZ to help build your brands and drive the sales of your products and services.  And we’re committed to continue attracting valuable audiences that you can engage with to grow your business.

In the media industry we tend to talk a lot about change and I want to spend a moment tonight talking about what isn’t changing.  At TVNZ, we believe that consumers will always need to be informed about what’s happening in their world and will always want to be entertained. We view ourselves as being in the audience engagement business and more specifically the New Zealand audience engagement business. And to be a sustainable player in this business we know we need to reach a critical mass of New Zealanders.

There has never been more content available and most consumers are willing and able to move between devices and platforms. The keys to success are compelling content and ease of access.

Based on these consumer and market insights, we’re focusing our future investment in three key areas:

1. Local Content

  • We know viewers still want to access the best of global and local content and we’ll continue to aggregate both sources together, but our future investment will be tilted strongly towards unique local content
  • Local news is the foundational building block of our content offering and we will share with our plans to rejuvenate 1 News and future proof its role in the lives of New Zealanders
  • We’re commissioning a comprehensive slate of big event programme formats that we know viewers love to watch.

2.  Accelerating OnDemand

  • We’ve recently integrated TVNZ OnDemand and to make it easier for viewers to access live streamed channels, catch up on episodes of linear shows, and view full content series
  • We are now investing to accelerate OnDemand audience reach by:
  1. enhancing user experiences
  2. significantly expanding our depth and breadth of content
  3. extending accessibility to additional devices and platforms

3. New Viewers

  • This time last year we talked about our New Blood content initiatives to attract new viewers. We’ve learned a lot in the last 12 months and created a lot of momentum with new viewers.  This year we will continue that focus by: -
  1. Increasing our short-form video stories through the Talent lab
  2. Continue to bring in new viewers with eSports content
  3. Further expansion of our creator space production facilities
  4. And further investment and development of Re: - our socially-driven news voice which has achieved over 5 million video views since launch
  • It’s still early days for our New Blood initiatives but we’re excited by what we’ve learned and committed to building on our early successes to date
  • The other big play to keep an eye out for early next year, is our partnership with NZ on Air to create a secure online hub of compelling content for kiwi kids

Our guiding purpose is to deliver the moments that matter to New Zealanders and the recent election campaign is a great example of this. Our next planned big event is the Commonwealth Games where we’ll be delivering the key events live and free every day.  We’ll also keep New Zealanders up with the play with daily coverage of the stories that matter in the year ahead.

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Please note, due to licencing requirements we cannot share all the videos we played during the event but below are some additional programmes coming to TVNZ in the coming year that we can share - enjoy.

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