Forecast Series: Superdiversity

Our bi-annual Forecast Series presents the results of comprehensive research undertaken by TVNZ and Colmar Brunton, and presented by Nigel Latta, to better understand what’s at the heart of consumerism in NZ today.

Our starting hypothesis: Superdiversity has redefined what New Zealand-ness means.

Is New Zealand losing its unique identify? Do we see ourselves as New Zealanders? As Kiwis?

And what does this mean for marketers?


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Full Event Videotop

Part 1: A Journeytop

Part 2: The Peopletop

Part 3: Mythical Kiwitop

Part 4: The Differencestop

Part 5: Kiwi vs. New Zealandertop

Part 6: The Good & The Badtop

Part 7: Misinformationtop

Part 8: Facts vs. Fictiontop

Part 9: The Gaptop

Part 10: Marketing In The Mixtop

Part 11: Communication Tipstop

Part 12: Team Diversitytop

Part 13: Connectingtop

Part 14: Future Focusedtop

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