Daily Analysis TV 18-24 April 2016

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18 Apriltop

Total TV usage was up Monday night. AP 25-54 was at its second highest levels for a Monday in weeks, 18-49 Total TV broke past 500,000 people on average in peak – the first time in a while for Monday.

TV ONE had a fantastic night winning all but 45 minutes of peak with 25-54 viewers. Peak average audience was at its second highest level of the last few Mondays – rating an 8.1 / 158,000 viewers each quarter hour on average. TV ONE had 29% share of 25-54 viewing after a 23% lull last Monday – this was a similar result to Monday night two weeks ago (30%).

Millionaire Hot Seat 25-54 audience was up and won, Family Feud down compared to the last few weeks.

ONE News had its highest rating bulletin of 2016 so far on Monday.

Seven Sharp had approx. double the viewers of TV3’s Story, whose share declined 10 points W.o.W.

TV2 was overall second choice viewing to TV ONE looking at 18-49 viewing (the two channels have been vying for the #1 spot the last few Mondays). TV2s average audience was 8% lower than usual with a 5.4 rating/ 105,000 viewers on average during peak. Share was at its lowest in four Mondays, on 21% (27% last Monday).

Source: Nielsen TAM

19 Apriltop

PUTS level for AP 25-54 has been stable for the last two Tuesdays, averaging a 27.5 last night, 3% higher than the average. Total viewing for AP 18-49 was also up from last week and 2% above the average, now at 24.1.

TV ONE won viewing with AP 25-54 last night with a whopping 7.5 rating – the highest performing night in the last four Tuesdays in peak and an increase of 26% above the average.

ONE News won the news hour 25-54 with 36% share, average audience was 50% higher than Newshub.  

The channel won viewing with ONE News and Coast New Zealand which premiered last night. The 8:30pm show had an awesome result with a 9.1 rating and 21% share. Bear Grylls Mission was also new to TV ONE’s line up last night, rated a 3.5 and 17% share with AP 25-54. The show won the slot by 2 percentage points against TV3’s Special Victims Unit.

TV2 won viewing with AP 18-49 and Housies.  Audiences have been stable for the last three Tuesdays, averaging 119,000 18-49s or a 6.1 rating. Share was 1.3 points higher than average, at 26%.

Source: Nielsen TAM

20 Apriltop

Total TV was about 4% lower than recent Wednesdays across both demos, TVNZ stations still first choice in their respective demos.

TV ONE’s average 25-54 peak audience was up on last week, in line with the four Wednesday average. TV ONE shared programming wins with TV2 , but was overall #1 with a 6.5 vs TV2’s 5.9 average – this is the first time in four Wednesdays TV ONE has beaten TV2 in this demographic. Peak share hit a Wednesday high of 27%.

TV2 has won the last four Wednesdays in peak looking at 18-49, although this Wednesdays audience average was ~20% lower than usual (140K L4W vs. 111K viewers on average Wednesday night). TV2 won the bulk of peak.

Source: Nielsen TAM

21 Apriltop

Thursday’s Total TV usage was down 7% week on week looking at AP 25-54, AP 18-49 down 11%. Both tracking ~5% lower than usual.

TV ONE was overall second choice to TV2 in peak, this Thursday rating a 5 vs. last week’s 6.  Share was about a point lower than average.

TV2 won AP 18-49, AP 25-54 and HHS with Kids viewing in peak last night. It was the fourth Thursday in a row TV2 won peak with younger viewers – all core peak programmes were number one viewing. Average 18-49 audience was down 10% lower than previous weeks, share was healthy on 29% - just 1 point short of the average.

Source: Nielsen TAM

22 Apriltop

Friday night total TV usage was up against the average for both core demos: AP 25-54 gained 4.3% to 25.9 while AP 18-49 increased 5% to 22.

TV ONE’s 25-54 average audience hit a four week low on Friday with a 4.4 rating and 18% share, while TV2 rated a 5.6 with AP 18-49 and 25% share.

Kiwi Living 25-54 audiences dropped 30% from last week with just 75k viewers on Friday. The show rated a 3.9 and 11% share.

ONE News won the new hour with 34% share.

Source: Nielsen TAM

23 Apriltop

PUTs was 11% lower than recent Saturdays for both core demos. Total viewing for AP 25-54 was 21 and AP 18-49 was 18.

TV ONE’s 25-54 average audience fell 20% below the average, from over 100k viewers on average to only 85k. The channel was second choice with AP 25-54 and only won viewing during ONE News (rated a 7.6 and 35% share) and Hyundai Country Calendar (5.8 rating and 25% share).

ONE News attracted 148,000 viewers 25-54s, 70% stronger than the average audience of Newshub.

TV2 won viewing with the three core demographics (25-54, 18-49 and HHS with Kids). Rating hit the highest in the last four Saturdays at 4.1 and share of viewing was up 6 share points to 22%. The channel dominated viewing from 19:00 until midnight with Police Academy and Saving Private Ryan.

Source: Nielsen TAM

24 Apriltop

Sunday PUTS were sitting about average for both demos;   AP 25-54 had a total viewing of 26 and AP 18-49 had 22.2.

TV ONE was second place last night with AP 25-54; rating hit a four week low (4.9) so did share (20%). The channel won viewing with ONE News and the last two quarter hour hours of Secret Life of Cats.

TV2 won viewing across the two main demos despite a smaller audience base, rated a 4.5 (averaged a 5.5) and 21% share – a 4 share points below average. The channel won viewing with The Simpsons, You’re Back in the Room and majority of Edge of Tomorrow.

Source: Nielsen TAM

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