Ad Effectiveness Not Beersies

Accesses the effectiveness of the 'Not Beersies' campaign from Health Promotion Agency

'Not Beersies' Campaign Effectiveness Case Study

Prepared for TVNZ, March 2015


TV was the most effective channel to achieve reach.

Overall, 6 out of 10 of people recognised the 'Not Beersies' campaign with almost 50% of total recognition being driven by TV advertising.

TV was key at driving awareness of the campaign and the phrase “not beersies”

At high exposure levels TV on its own delivered the best impact for awareness of “not beersies”

TV laid the foundation and made the other media channels work harder. 

When measuring the brand KPI’s we saw evidence of true synergy. At high levels of exposure to TV and online, the campaign’s impact on key outcomes was greater than that for either media alone.

In fact, 91% of total awareness was delivered by TV versus 25% in digital and 35% for outdoor

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