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Kevin Kenrick, TVNZ CEO

TVNZ is all about sharing the moments that matter to New Zealanders however different moments matter to different New Zealanders. We’ve recently undergone an in-depth research study to better understand this behaviour.

Key insights common to all viewers are:

  • Time availability defines viewing behaviour
  • We’re all looking for ways to make our lives easier
  • Consumers are increasingly discerning about their content choices

Two core factors create differences in how viewers behave:

  1. How emotionally engaged we are
  2. How willing people we are to try different platforms and devices

The key conclusions for TVNZ and how we are addressing them are:

1. More consumers are watching, more video, more often.

TVNZ is committed to being New Zealand’s video content leader.

We are confident the growth of platforms and devices will keep driving increased viewing.

This has led some to predict the demise of TV but as commented by Bob Hoffman in his recent visit to New Zealand – “TV isn’t dying, it’s having babies!”

Over time, we expect on-air viewing to decline and online viewing to grow but let’s keep things in perspective. Yesterday, 2.2 million New Zealanders tuned in and watched our content on-air.

Many commentators will tell you this is less than last year, but few will tell you it still dwarfs the daily audience reach of the next best media option.

2. Time poor viewers won’t wait for content

In response, TVNZ will premiere more content on TVNZ OnDemand than ever before.

We will make full series available from day one wherever we can

And in 2017, we will deliver online streaming access to our linear channels.

3. Nobody wants to work hard to find their content

In the year ahead we will make our content easier to access.

We’ll combine TVNZ OnDemand and into a single site that will deliver live streaming of our linear channels; OnDemand access to TVNZ content; information about up and coming shows; and content from our third party partners.

We’re also simplifying the presentation of TVNZ brands to make it easier for viewers to find TVNZ content across our growing range of distribution platforms and devices.

4. Online content preferences are different to on-air preferences

In 2017, TVNZ will launch a raft of new initiatives, collectively called New Blood, designed specifically for the new wave of viewers who aren’t traditional TV audiences.

TVNZ’s New Blood projects are focused on finding and fostering new local talent. The initiative includes an in-house content lab to create more short-form multimedia content. And viewers will get a say in who receives $100,000 in production funding with the New Blood web series competition launching in partnership with NZ On Air early next year.

5. Viewing behaviours will continue to change

We’re investing heavily in understanding viewer preferences and are using these insights to lead improvements to our viewer experiences. Our ‘Green Room’ viewer panel is now 10,000 strong and we actively use this to source viewer feedback on our content choices.

When combined with our recent in-depth study of viewer behaviour, we’ve got a bunch of insights we’re keen to share with you to improve advertising effectiveness.

Paul Maher, TVNZ Commercial Director

Television in New Zealand remains exceptionally strong and on a cost per thousand basis remains 2 times more efficient than our nearest competitors. That said there is no escaping the fact that consumers are changing the way they consume all forms of media.

We’re excited by the fact that part of that change is that the power of video continues to increase.

We’re accelerating our evolution to follow the consumer as their behaviour changes, making it easier for New Zealanders to consume and engage with our content and making content that meets their needs across any platform.

To harness and leverage engagement across platforms we are committed to changing the way we measure audiences and in early of 2017 the industry will be able to deliver audiences in a single currency, in thousands  - creating the opportunity to move to a unified cross media currency and enable more effective comparison between media.

We’re innovating and evolving, creating new cross platform experiences and we’re adapting to our audiences. And we’re doing that with scale; we have a goal to engage 2.5M New Zealanders each day.

Ultimately we’re doing that to make your businesses more successful. Our commitment is to remain focused on creating more content opportunities, better, innovative and engaging ways to connect your brands to New Zealanders.

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