TVNZ Forecast Series

The TVNZ Forecast Series with Nigel Latta is an ongoing commitment by TVNZ to research and understand what is at the heart of consumerism in New Zealand today. 

The series looks at the topics facing New Zealanders today through a number of lenses.

The insights and findings are then presented via a live presentation lead by Nigel Latta and in-depth presentations breaking out the data and insights into key areas of investigation.


Values and Life Stage - Beyond the Age Cohort Label top

This Forecast Series debunked some common stereotypes of New Zealand millennials and suggest that we should start thinking about the so-called 'me' generation a little differently, along with our strategies to reach them effectively. 

The Value Exchange top

This Forecast Series looks into how we trade our time or money to watch - or not watch - advertising.

We wanted to find out how a particular viewing context impacts a viewer's level of engagement and attentiveness when watching an ad.


This Forecast Series looks into New Zealander's multi-screening habits and how it impacts their attention. 

Alongside findings from digital diaries with over 3,800 entries, we placed cameras in viewer’s homes to record and analyse their actual behaviour.

The Art of Storytellingtop

Forecast 3 hypothesis: In today’s instant media world the art of good storytelling has been lost.

How are New Zealanders making sense of stories in today’s instant media world? Is storytelling even more important? Does storytelling influence consumer’s behaviour?



Our starting hypothesis: Superdiversity has redefined what New Zealand-ness means.

Is New Zealand losing its unique identify? Do we see ourselves as New Zealanders? As Kiwis?

And what does this mean for marketers?

Is 65 the new 55?top

How old you feel is still a relevant question.

It is a fact our nation is becoming older. We started this research with the hypotheses ‘Is 65 the new 55?’ and we found it’s not that simple and it certainly depends…

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