The 1 NEWS team is dedicated to delivering the consumer up-to-the-second news; 24hrs a day

1 NEWS is New Zealand’s most watched News - we believe this is because of our people their journalistic skills and integrity and their passion for delivering New Zealanders the news that really matters.

1 NEWS AT SIX, the flagship bulletin, summarises the news of the day, providing viewers with depth and insight on the stories that matter.

1 NEWS Tonight wraps up the day’s news, giving viewers confidence they have all the news about what happened that day.

1 NEWS NOW is a mobile-centric portal dedicated to delivering the consumer up-to-the-second news; 24hrs a day. Designed for news junkies or those that like to graze and snack on their News it is easy to navigate; so you can go straight to the stories that matter to you.


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