Online Solutions

Anything that you want to do, anywhere that you want to go, we will always try to make the seemingly impossible; possible.

As pioneers of online television in New Zealand, we will always look to push the parameters of what’s possible for both consumers and advertisers in the online sphere. 

What can I do Online?  

From standard and rich-media Banners and Homepage Buy-outs to interactive Pre-rolls with Floating Layers there is a myriad of online magic you can marvel consumers with.   

Types of online advertising availabletop

Display Advertising

  • mRec and Leaderboard
  • Homepage Billboard
  • Tablet, mobile and Smart TV Home Page Tile
  • Video companion mRec

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Video Advertising

  • Video Stream Configuration
  • Video Advertising
  • True First Video Buyout
  • Show Sponsorship

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Video Player Ad Units 

  • Ad Selector
  • Ad Hover
  • Expandable Creative (with Pre-Roll)

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