CAANZ and TVNZ Present: Peter Field

Effectiveness in an evolving media landscape.

CAANZ in partnership with TVNZ brought Peter Field to New Zealand in March where he delivered an insightful key note address on advertising effectiveness, including finding from his latest research.

Below you can view parts of Peter’s presentation or watch the full event video.  

About Peter Field

Peter spent 15 years as a strategic planner in advertising and has been a marketing consultant for the last 20 years. Effectiveness case study analysis underpins much of his work, which includes a number of important marketing and advertising papers.

In 2006 he was elected an Honorary Fellow of the IPA

His latest work in partnership with Les Binet - Effectiveness in the Evolving Media Landscape – will be published in April.

Peter Field’s key points

  • We need to return to a more balanced perspective on long vs. short term objectives
  • Ensure broad reach for long term success
  • The activation/brand-building pendulum has swung too far towards activation. Remember the 60:40 rule.
  • Dial up brand-building instead of activation, especially with newer channels. Value video over non-video.
  • Design campaigns and evaluation for long-term effects.

Intro: We have a problem, seven in facttop

Problem 1: Short term-ismtop

Problem 2: Myth of death of mass marketingtop

Problem 3: Ignoring the power of videotop

Problem 4: Obsession with unpaid mediatop

Problem 5: Fanatical pursuit of ROItop

Problem 6: Pursuit of timely and relevant offerstop

Problem 7: Damaging activation overweightingtop

Full eventtop

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