Youth members of Australian political party suspended after vile video shows them mocking Aboriginal culture

Three members of the youth branch of the Liberal National Party on the Gold Coast have been suspended for recording and posting a racist video online.

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One of the young men filmed makes disparaging remarks about Australian Aboriginal culture. Source: ABC Australia

Barclay McGain, chair of the Gold Coast Young LNP, a teenage boy who made racist remarks about Australian Aboriginal culture and a third individual who put it online were suspended by the party yesterday.

They are also being investigated by the party's internal disputes committee, which will make recommendations to the party's state executive next year.

Mr McGain, who was filmed interviewing the boy on the Gold Coast, was seen laughing when the teen said: "I'm fed up with having all these sports stars stand out on our stages and not sing the national anthem.

"I mean we've got to stop celebrating a culture that couldn't even invent the bloody wheel for God's sake. We've got to start enjoying and living in Western culture."

Another video emerged on Tuesday of Mr McGain impersonating Donald Trump at the Great Wall of China.

The video, posted on Youtube in 2018, shows Mr McGain saying "this is not the greatest wall but it's a great wall ... We're going to build the greatest wall, it is going to be to keep out the Mexicans, not the Mongolians, or the chikedy chongs, not Genghis Khan bing bong, bing bong."

The party's leader, Deb Frecklington, refused to be drawn on the issue when questioned by reporters.

It has drawn widespread criticism from senior members of the Queensland Labor government.