'You're not someone's crazy uncle' - Trump pressed on tweeting conspiracy theories about Biden at town hall

The first half of President Donald Trump’s NBC News town hall this afternoon was dominated by testy exchanges with Today anchor Savannah Guthrie after she pushed him on a variety of issues.

Under the intense questioning today, Trump told Guthrie “we should be on the same side”.

Guthrie pressed Trump to say when he last tested negative for the coronavirus before his positive diagnosis earlier this month. He did not say.

She pressed him on his prolific tweeting, telling him he’s not someone’s “crazy uncle” who can tweet whatever they want. He said the tweet she focused on - which suggested Biden was involved in the death of Navy Seal Team 6 that killed Osama Bin Laden - was a retweet.

Guthrie also challenged Trump on his dubious claims about mask-wearing, telling the president that his own government experts are “all in unison” on their benefits.

At one point she exclaimed, “I don’t get it.”

Trump was also pressed on a New York Times report citing tax returns showing he has business debts exceeding $US400 million.

He insisted that he didn’t owe any money to Russia or any “sinister people.”

He described his debts as a “very very small percentage.” He said: “$400 million is a peanut.”

The president suggested repeatedly that he would be willing to release details about his debts, but it’s unclear when that might happen.

He again repeated his refusal to release his tax returns more than four years after he first promised he would.