Young Wuhan resident blasts government's coronavirus response, saying situation's 'as bad as the 2003 SARS' outbreak

A young Chinese man reporting to be a resident in Wuhan has posted a video online severely criticising the Chinese government's response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The eleven-minute video was uploaded to YouTube on January 25, and it has been reposted by a number of other channels, but the original has reportedly been removed.

The unidentified man starts off by saying it was extremely difficult to post the video online due to government censorship, and that VPN software had to be used to circumvent it.

"Right now, the entire Wuhan has its entire transportation system - public transport halted, all of them," the man says in Mandarin.

The man says he has heard many petrol stations are no longer operating, and says calls to China's emergency ambulance service are going unanswered due to congestion.

"Medical service is completely paralysed, or I should say, in total chaos," he says.

"Hospitals are packed - the doctors don't tell you to get registered or anything, you just have to line up.

"You might have to wait hours in line and still can't get treated - perhaps you were fine before, but after queuing up for hours, you get contaminated."

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Fourteen countries have confirmed cases of the virus, including Cambodia, which reported its first case this morning. Source: 1 NEWS

He says medical services are lacking the resources to accurately confirm cases of coronavirus, and that suspected cases are being given anti-inflammatory medicine and told to "go home and isolate yourselves".

"To put it bluntly, you are just left for dead," he says.

"If you are strong you might make it through, if you don't, you're dead."

The man said local government should have urged Wuhan residents to wear face masks earlier, and that public health warning flyers were not put up in the city until January 23, a day after the city was locked down.

He goes on to talk about the similarity of the current situation to the 2003 SARS outbreak, saying that "we are just repeating our mistakes.

"The current situation is definitely just as bad as the 2003 SARS, if not worse."

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NZIER principal economist Christina Leung talks about how the illness from China may impact the economy. Source: Breakfast

He describes Wuhan as "hell" right now, and says Chinese people were supposed to be celebrating Lunar New Year.

"It was supposed to be a festive, happy day we all celebrate, but now, do you think us, as Wuhan people, or as Chinese, can feel happy?"

The man goes on to describe his dissatisfaction with the government, saying he and his friends in their 20s and 30s "are not brainwashed".

"We all ****ing know what this country really is - we just have no ways, no power - our bodies are made of flesh and blood  - we can't beat full metal jackets and tanks.

"None of us are dumb, we just have no power.

"I hope every single overseas Chinese who can watch video, help us - you don't have to spend a dime, or do anything - you just tap with your finger, get the message out.

"I just want to create some public pressure to make the Chinese government know not to escape their responsibilities.

"They escaped all the way to some random ****hole island in Qing Hai, to act like they are giving instructions to deal with the pandemic - instructing my ***.

"During the new year rush, a million or two have already left Wuhan - what about those people? How do you prevent them from spreading the disease? Are you gonna lock the whole of China down?"

The man says he knows he is taking a big risk by uploading the video to the internet, and that he hopes people understand the significance of it.

"We are really helpless," he says.

"I urge you guys to help - at least right now, we the Wuhan people really need the international pressure and awareness.

"We are really just too helpless - just one word - helpless."