Young environmentalist creates business to turn plastic into sunglasses

Eight-year-old Harry Robinson began picking up plastic bottles as a hobby, but now the young environmentalist is turning it into an empire.

"I was learning about the plastic waste problem and I didn’t like, so I told daddy what we could do about it." Harry told Australia’s Channel 9.

Harry and his family constructed a plan called Good Citizens, a family organisation that turns plastic waste into sunglasses.

Harry’s father Nick Robinson says the family got together at the dinner table and made a business plan, followed by research and the realisation soon came that their idea was a fresh one.

The frames and hinges of the glasses are made from 100% recycled plastic, only the lenses are new.

To set up the campaign, the family took to funding website Kickstarter and within six minutes, the family were able to raise $20,000.

The Sydney based family business have sold nearly 700 pairs world-wide.

Good Citizens has also teamed up with a non-government organisation committed to pulling 45 plastic bottles from the ocean, for every pair sold.