'You took it all away from me' – Theresa May confronted by angry voter over disability allowance cuts



Associated Press

British Prime Minister Theresa May was confronted by an angry voter as she campaigned in the Conservative-held constituency of Oxford West and Abingdon overnight.

The woman approached the British Prime Minister on the campaign trail in Abingdon market in Oxfordshire, telling her she’d been left with "nothing" by the Conservative Party.
Source: Associated Press

The Conservative Party leader was approached by a woman who told May that benefit cuts had left her with $187 to live on per month, despite suffering from learning difficulties.

The woman, Cathy Mohan, said that the abolition of the Disability Living Allowance and its replacement, the Personal Independence Payment, or PIP, had left her with "nothing".

"You took it all away from me," she said.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn later said Mohan had confronted May with "the reality of the suffering her Government has caused".

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