'Worst five days of my life' - anti-vax mum released from US prison after refusing to inoculate son




A US mother has been left devastated to learn that her son has been vaccinated during her prison stint for refusing to inoculate her nine-year-old son.

Detroit news station 7 Action News reported Rebecca Bredow would not comply with court orders to get her son vaccinated, after agreeing last year that she would. 

Her ex-husband, who wanted his son vaccinated, went to the judge after Bredow would not vaccinate the boy.

Her nine-year-old son has since received four immunisations this week. 

After serving five days of her seven day prison sentence, Bredow said it was the "worst" days of her life. 

"It's been a rough few days to say the least," she said, on being released from prison

7 Action News said Bredow and her ex-husband had agreed to vaccinate the child, but her views had since changed.

The ex-husband was granted temporary custody while Barlow was incarcerated.

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