Woman at centre of Tinder date saga speaks: 'I was literally on my knees cringing'

A woman in England who got stuck between two windows after trying to throw poo out a window during a first date says the whole saga was all a terrible mistake.

The woman from Bristol, whose story went viral this week, has spoken for the first time about the incident, saying, "it's not something I'm proud of".

A brief version of what happened goes like this.

Liam Smythe met the woman, who still remains anonymous, on Tinder, they went out and returned to his place to watch a documentary, during which the woman went to use the toilet.

She returned to tell her date the toilet didn't flush, and in panic she wrapped the excrement in toilet paper and threw it out the window.

Trouble is, according to Smythe, there's another non-opening window in the loo too and the poo was in the gap.

With his help, she climbed in head first and retrieved the waste product which went back into the toilet, but the woman was then stuck in the window and the fire brigade had to be called to remove the windows and get her out.

A woman claiming to be her posted on Reddit, comparing herself to UK sitcom character Miranda.

The BBC reports the woman said the toilet itself was "awful", but that Mr Smythe was "so good" about the situation.

"I swear I was literally on my knees cringing and apologising," she said.

"I reached down into the window and slipped too far. My hips were wedged in the window, I was upside down inside the window."

When asked if she considered leaving the poo where it was, she said: "I feel like if I had, and he'd found me out after, I'd probably be in a worse position now."

There now remains the small problem of replacing the window and Smythe has turned to crowdfunding to solve that one.