Wolves of Westminster gather as Theresa May's days as prime minister numbered

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May is now facing an all-out mutiny from her own MPs as she desperately clings to power.

Tonight brings a dramatic showdown with her party's kingmaker, amid demands she quit within days.

The wolves of Westminster are gathering and Britain's prime minister, for so long now a wounded animal, is on her last legs.

"We've come to to end of the road with this prime minister," one MP said.

Mrs May, with her revamped Brexit plan, did the seemingly impossible by making the situation even worse.

"This Government is too weak, too divided to get this country out of the mess that they have created," said Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Opposition.

Many in Theresa May's top team have turned on her in an explosion of outbursts, including a bombshell resignation by the Leader of the House, Andrea Leadsom, a key pro-Brexit supporter.

Thirty-six ministers have now resigned under Mrs May's leadership and Ms Leadsom is the 21st to quit due to Brexit policy.

Meanwhile, the British people are expected to deliver a decisive blow to Theresa May in the European elections this weekend. 

For a nation which voted to leave Europe last March, it's a chance to punish inaction.

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As the Brexit saga goes on and on, there are demands from within her own party that the British PM quits. Source: 1 NEWS

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