Wine regions ravaged by bushfires across four Australian states

Many vineyards have suffered devastating damage alongside wider communities from the massive wildfires raging across Australia since September.

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South Australia's Adelaide Hills is believed to be one of the worst-hit wine areas. Source: Associated Press

Wine regions in Queensland, New South Wales (NSW), South Australia and Victoria have all been affected. 

South Australia's Adelaide Hills was believed to be one of the worst-hit wine areas.

Scorch marks can be seen along the way leading to Adelaide Hills. Over 25,000 hectares of land have so far been burnt.

More than 500 buildings, hundreds of vehicles, countless animals and corps have also been reduced into ashes.

Adelaide Hills was one of the six largest wine regions in Australia, dotted with vineyards large and small.

It is estimated that one third of the region's vineyard production may have been wiped out by the brutal fires, with the irrigation system being destroyed, too.

A full picture of damage would take time to assemble, for the fires accompanied with smog, high temperature and drought pose far-reaching impact on the vineyard industry, and it needs longer time to recover.