Why is New Zealand and the world turning its back on human rights abuses in West Papua?

Over the years, many graphic and violent images of torture and beatings have emerged from the Indonesia-controlled Melanesian island of West Papua.

Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver looks into the abuse of West Papuans by Indonesia. Source: 1 NEWS

News agencies and social media groups across the world have reported the alleged human rights abuses of the island’s native population by Indonesian soldiers.

Yet, the international community continues to ignore the plight of the West Papuan people.

Pacific Correspondent Barbara Dreaver has covered the story of the West Papuan fight for independence from Indonesia for many years.

In this piece, she explores the reasons why Indonesia clings tightly to power of the island and shuts the rest of the world out, denying access to the island and its people.

She also looks at the close relationship New Zealand has with Indonesia, one our country’s strongest allies and trade partners.

Reporter: Barbara Dreaver

Produced by: Natalia Sutherland

Edited by: Luis G. Portillo